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Update version of SKIPPER. Add form feeds to text files. PD.
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Update version of SKIPPER. Add form feeds to text files. PD.
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Contents of the SKIPPER.DOC file


SKIPPER 1.1 is a file utility for anyone who needs to print a
ASCII text file that is longer than one page. You know the type
that I mean, the ones that print over the paper perforation and
look awful. Well, SKIPPER 1.1 is the program for you. This
program will read in the ASCII file, place a form feed symbol
every 54 lines, and in the end tell you how many bytes were
processed and how many pages were created. It will create a new
file, so you still have the old file in the original state. To
use SKIPPER 1.1 just type in:


The input file MUST be a ASCII file. A binary file may be
destroyed if used with this program. The output file is the file
that will be created by SKIPPER 1.1 with the form feed symbols.
You decide on the name of this file (remember to use DOS file
name and extension rules). When done you can then COPY or TYPE
the output file to the printer.

If SKIPPER 1.1 can not find the input file, a error message
will be displayed. If you forget the parameters, just type in
SKIPPER 1.1 and a help message will appear.


SKIPPER 1.1 works the same as the original SKIPPER except
for some cosmetic features to the screen when it is working.
Also the source code is now has comments in it. I have taken all
debug information out of the EXE file in order to make a smaller
file. If you need this debug information, recompile the source
code. I used Turbo C 2.0.


this, please have your head examined. The user will use this
program at their own risk. There is no warranty of any kind,
expressed or implied. There is no guarantee of any form,
expressed or implied. This file was written for fun, using Turbo
C 2.0.

John J. Ryan
Ellicott City, MD
November 23, 1988

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