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Very Good ANSI Editor.
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Very Good ANSI Editor.
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Contents of the SG3.DOC file

" Super Graphics 3 " Ver 2.0 (C)opyright 1985 Dcs Systems

Super Graph 3 is one of the newest accomplishments of
DCS systems. Super Graph 3 is a word processor, and with the
use of the function keys, able to enter any of the 256 ASCII
characters available on the IBM-PC. Super Graph 3 makes use
of 10 different screens, that means you can load up to 10
different screens at once, and easly switch between them.
Compiled in Turbo Pascal version 3.0, Super Graph 3 is great
for customised BBS menus or for charts, and graphs. Super
Graph 3 saves in ASCII, so you can type them from DOS or
print them on any IBM compatible dot matrix printer.

To run Super Graph 3, at the DOS prompt type -->
SG [FileName[.SGM]] <-- the command in brackets is only if
you want to have the macro file loaded, more on that later.
After you load Super Graph 3, and see the title screen,
the next screen is the "work screen", that means that the
screen that you are looking at is the one that gets loaded
to if you load a file, or saved from if you save it to a
file, or if you print it. To switch the "working
screen", hold down the Alt key on the keyboard, and
press a number on the top row of the keyboard to
signify the screen number (1 - 0), screen number 0 is
actually screen number 10, and the default screen is 1. To
get help in Super Graph 3, hold down the Alt key, while
pressing the F10 key on the function key pad on the far left
side of the keyboard.

To change the function keys graphic character, you must
make a macro file. The files default extension is .SGM. The
structure of the macro file is the following:
| |
| Graphic Set Function key ASCII character number |
| |
| 1 1 1 |
| |
| Will set graphic set 1's function key 1 to Chr(1) |
| |

if their is an error in the files format Super Graph 3
will abort, and tell you the line number where the error
occured. The maximum Graphic set is 10, and the maximum
Function key is 10 and the minimum is 1 for both of them.
The maximum ASCII character number is 255, and the
minimum is 1. To load up the macro file, you MUST
load it at the time you run the program. The command
for loading the macro file is: SG Filename[.SGM]

The arrow keys on the keypad go in the direction that
they are pointing, and the other 4 corner keys (End, Pg Dn,
Home, and Pg Up) go in the direction that they are pointing
to, ie. Home goes to the upper left, End goes to the lower
left, and so on.

" Super Graphics 3 " Ver 2.0 (C)opyright 1985 Dcs Systems

To switch the status line between the function key
settings and a 'status' line, hold down Alt key, while
pressing the '-' key, on the top row of the keyboard, next to
number 0. This command acts as a toggle.

To exit Super Graph 3 press the ESC key on the upper
left of the keyboard.

If you feel that this program is useful, please send a
donation of $10.00 to:

DCS systems.
129 S. Lombard Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60302
Data: (312) 383-9482
Call DCS Systems for the newest
Version of Super Graphics 3

(** Super Graphics was written and compiled By Cyrus Patel and Brian Werle **)

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