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SeekEasy is an easy-to-use "FUZZY-LOGIC" text-finding program. It scans
your disk files, finding text that even APPROXIMATELY matches what you
asked for, and displays what it finds in "best-matches-shown-first" order.
It neatly solves those "I KNOW it's in here SOMEWHERE!..." situations.

With SeekEasy, you don't have to remember the exact wording or spelling of
the text in the file you're trying to find. If your requested text is
even CLOSE, SeekEasy will find the file! For example, if a file somewhere
on your disk holds the text "...THE TRUNK OF THE ELEPHANT IS...", SeekEasy
can find it even if your request is for "EPHALANT'S TRUNQ."

Typical applications: finding all your source code files - perhaps
created over many years - that reference a function name you now wish to
change; finding the filename of a year-old letter to your Uncle Mort when
you don't remember exactly the name you used in the letter; etc.

SeekEasy can search through one file, or up to all the files on an entire
drive. Matched text is displayed along with its file name. The "probable
match" words are highlighted, and twelve lines of the file around the
matched words shown for context. The display window may be scrolled
forward and backward through the file to show more surrounding text.

SeekEasy will scan ALL file types - word-processor, database, even ".COM"
and ".EXE" files if desired. It can be told which filenames or filetypes
to ignore and/or to always include in the search. It has many default
settings of this type that are user-customizable through simple menus.

Please note: SeekEasy will FIND text, but it won't ALTER it - you must use
the appropriate word processor, database program, etc. for that.


- It will handle files of any length. It displays 12 lines of a file on
the screen at once, and you can scroll the 12-line window through the
entire file if you wish, a line or a screen at a time.

- If so instructed, it will search one file, all the files in a directory,
a directory and all its "child" directories, or a whole drive's worth
of files. It will also search through specific files on a list,
and/or skip files on another list you can set up within SeekEasy.

For example, SeekEasy can be set to automatically search, say,
"REFERENC.TXT," plus all "*.LST" files, while skipping over a
particular file named "BIGFILE.LST". And these choices can be saved
as the "default" mode of operation.

- SeekEasy will search floppy disks, hard disks, CD-ROM drives, etc.

- At the end of a search, SeekEasy shows you the items it found in "best-
matches-first" order - the highest-scoring (as evaluated by its fuzzy-
logic matching algorithms) block of text is shown first, then the
next-highest-scoring, etc.

- You can mark blocks of text that SeekEasy has found, then send the
blocks of text out to a printer or a disk file, for reviewing later.

- SeekEasy is highly customizable. Defaults can be set specifying the
files to search, search mode, turning beeps on or off, printer port to
use, screen colors, etc., etc. - all through simple menu choices.

- SeekEasy does not use up valuable disk space with index files, as do
cross-referencing programs.

- Wherever it makes sense, each screen in SeekEasy has one or more pages
of Help Screens behind it, available at the press of the F1 key.


SeekEasy runs on virtually any IBM PC or clone. All it needs is MS-DOS
2.0 or higher, 256K of RAM, any color or monochrome display, and a serial
or parallel printer port if you wish to make printouts.

SeekEasy also runs under Windows 3.0, and a "SEEKEASY.PIF" file is
included on the disk to enhance its operation under Windows.


CHOICE #1: SeekEasy is distributed as SHAREWARE. The full registration
fee is just $39.95. For this you receive a disk with the latest SeekEasy
program version, a full user's manual - including many "performance
optimizing" tips available nowhere else, and unlimited telephone support
for SeekEasy-related questions. Also, as a registered user you are
notified when significant upgrades to SeekEasy are available, and receive
special low pricing for those upgrades.

CHOICE #2: For $5.00, we'll mail you a disk with the full program and a
short-form manual on it, so you can try SeekEasy and see if you like it.
You will not be a registered user. We'll help you install it if required,
but we can't provide any support beyond that until you register.

If you first try the $5.00 disk, then decide to register your copy, note
that the $5.00 you paid for the unregistered version is not applicable
towards the $39.95 registration fee.

CHOICE #3: You may download the same files as those on the $5.00 disk,
free of charge, directly from the Correlation Systems Bulletin Board
System (BBS) at (310) 547-2870 (1200/2400 baud, 24 hours a day - downloads
use the XMODEM protocol). Again, we can't give you significant SeekEasy
support until you actually register your copy.

In any event, please feel free to use the BBS to leave us messages or
questions and to pick up our replies. It's a very easy-to-use BBS,
dedicated solely to SeekEasy topics. The BBS is actually our preferred
way of receiving questions - you can leave questions any time of day or
night, we can generate the answers when the right people are available,
then leave the answers for you to pick up when it's convenient for you.


SeekEasy Version 7.02

TO ORDER: Please fill out the following form. Include either $39.95 or
$5.00 (California residents also add sales tax; for orders from outside
the USA, add $10.00). All payment must be in U.S. funds. Prices already
include postage and handling.

If you have any questions, call our voice line at (310) 833-3462, 10AM-
6PM, California time, or have your modem call our computer BBS at (310)
547-2870 anytime.

Send cash, check, or money-order (no credit-card orders) to:

Correlation Systems
P.O. Box 39
Lomita, CA 90717

Amount ($5.00 or $39.95): ________________

Sales tax (Calif. residents only): ________________

Orders from outside USA add $10.00: ________________

Total enclosed: ________________

Payment method: Check _____ Cash _____ Money Order _____

Disk size (3.5" or 5.25"): __________________

Daytime phone: (_______) _____________________

Registered user name: ____________________________________________________

Street address: ________________________________________________________

City, state, ZIP: ________________________________________________________

Other: ________________________________________________________

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