Category : Word Processors
Archive   : SEDT4DOS.ZIP
Filename : FUNDEF.INP

Output of file : FUNDEF.INP contained in archive : SEDT4DOS.ZIP

;Functions defined for keyboard mapping
;Anker Berg-Sonne
4 :[email protected]
Append select range to paste buffer
6 ^C(:FS).
Save contents of buffer
7 ^C(:FS):CS.
Save context and contents of buffer
8 :Q.
Quit without saving buffer
9 .
Dead key
10 0:X.
Save buffer and exit
11 (27:CH).
Insert an escape character
12 [email protected]
Goto beginning of line
13 (:[email protected]).
Delete to beginning of word
15 :H//.
16 :SYS?"Operating system command: ".
Execute operating system command
17 0:WI.
Select buffer 0
18 1:WI.
Select buffer 1
19 2:WI.
Select buffer 2
20 3:WI.
Select buffer 3
21 @N.
Goto next occurrence of search string
22 :USR.
23 :[email protected]
24 :SEL.
Set select point
25 [email protected]
Go one screen up
26 [email protected]
Go one screen down
27 [email protected]
Go 1 line up vertically
28 [email protected]
Go 1 character back
29 [email protected]
Go 1 line down vertically
30 [email protected]
Go 1 character forward
31 @L.
Goto beginning of next line
32 @W.
Goto next word
33 @EL.
Goto next end of line
34 @C.
Goto next character
35 :A.
Set default direction forward
36 :B.
Set default direction reverse
38 @PAG.
Goto next page
39 @PAR.
Goto next paragraph
40 :NS.
Substitute next occurrence of search string
41 (:[email protected]).
Delete character forward
42 (:[email protected]).
Delete word forward
47 (:[email protected]).
Delete line forward
49 (:[email protected]).
Delete character backward
50 :LS.
Set indentation level
51 :LD.
Decrease indentation level
52 :LI.
Increase indentation level
54 :TAB.
Insert a tab character
55 (:[email protected]).
Delete to beginning of word
56 :KF!"Key:"?"As: ".
Define key
57 :FNL.
Enlargen Font
58 :NL.
Insert a carriage return
59 :PR?"Print on file: ".
Print contents of buffer
60 :FNS.
Reduce font
61 :[email protected]
Adjust text a tab stop
62 (:[email protected]).
Delete to beginning of line
63 :RF.
Refresh display
65 (^S(:[email protected]|:[email protected])).
Delete previous character
66 :SK!"Key:".
Save key definition in buffer
67 :LK!"Key:"@SR.
Load key definition from select range
69 +
Set temporary direction to forward
70 -
Set temporary direction to reverse
71 @M.
Goto mark
74 :TS.
Toggle automatic screen shifting
75 [email protected]
Goto end of buffer
76 :CL.
Center line
77 :WC.
Toggle between one and two window mode
78 :FE?"Edit File: ".
Edit new file in current buffer
80 :FG?"Get File: ".
Include file at current position
82 :TT.
Toggle tab expansion/insertion
83 (9:M^E([email protected])():[email protected]@M).
Refill paragraph from beginning of line
84 :TB.
Toggle block/line cut and paste
85 :M.
Set mark
86 :OS.
Toggle overstrike mode
87 (12:CH).
Insert a form feed character
89 :RL.
Enter ruler definition mode
90 :FS?"Save onto File: ".
Save contents of buffer
91 [email protected]
Goto start of buffer
92 :UM.
Undo last command if possible
93 :WD.
Toggle between 132 and 80 character screen
94 :OW.
Switch to previous window
95 :Z.
Clear buffer
96 :I- 9:M^E([email protected])():[email protected]@M.
Insert a hyphen and reindent paragraph
97 :PL?"Load Paste Buffer From File: ".
Load paste buffer from file
100 ?"SEDT Command: ".
Execute Sedt command
101 :OM/Type control B to end learning and replay learned keystrokes/:LNL000.
Learn keystrokes into ^Z
102 :LNL!"Key to save learned input in:".
Learn keystrokes into arbitrary key
103 @BM.
Goto matching bracketing character
104 @F?"String: ".
Goto next occurence of string
105 :[email protected]
Load paste buffer from select range without deleting
106 :RS.
Cancel select point
109 :CT.
Position cursor at top of screen
110 0([email protected]:TI).
Go backwards until key struck
111 :CB.
Position cursor at bottom of screen
112 0([email protected]:TI).
Go forward until key struck
113 :OL.
Open line
114 :CE.
Change case EDT style (Select range,found string,character)
115 (:[email protected]).
Delete to end of line
116 :CH.
Insert ASCII character
121 :[email protected]
Fill or justify to end of paragraph
122 :SUB?"String: "?"By: ".
Substitute one string by another
123 :UC.
Undelete character
124 :UW.
Undelete word
127 :UL.
Undelete Line
128 (:[email protected][email protected]:UC).
Swap characters
129 2:CH.
Insert a Control B character
130 :OM%H!"Press key you want help for".
Print help text for a key
131 :NWU.
Cycle to next used buffer
132 :NWN.
Cycle to next unused buffer
133 @AL.
Go to absolute line number