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Random Word and Name Generator 1.0. Useful for fantasy/sci-fi writers.
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Random Word and Name Generator 1.0. Useful for fantasy/sci-fi writers.
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T h e


V e r s i o n 1 . 0

Conceived and Created by



7623 Matera St. #104
Falls Church, VA 22043

19 April 1989

Software and Documentation are (C) Copyright 1989
by Tony Martin

Welcome to Random Words and Names

The Random Words and Names Generator is a program
that creates random names and words with a foreign
or fictional flavor to them. This tool will be
primarily useful to science fiction and fantasy
writers who need to think up lots of names that
aren't "everyday" names. You don't have to be a
writer to have fun with it, however. Just watching
the names it dreams up can be fun. You can also
use it to name your new pet.

To run this program you need only have an IBM
PC/XT/AT, PS/2, or compatible computer, with some
sort of display monitor. If you have a printer
attached to the LPT1 port of your computer, you may
print the names and words the program generates.
If you have a color monitor, the program will run
in color.

The program has been written so that the letters
used most often in the english language will come
up most often in the words/names generated. For
instance, you will see many more E's then Z's.

Using the Program

To use the Random Word and Name Generator, make
sure you are on the same disk drive and in the same
directory as the RW.EXE program file. Then type


at the DOS prompt. The program will start straight

The first thing RW will do is ask you the maximum
syllable length the words it generates will be. You
may enter a single digit number from 0 to 9. For
example, if you entered a 5, the program will
generate a screenful of words that range randomly
from 1 to 5 syllables in length. Words to be used
as names for people tend to sound better if they
are shorter, while names of places can be longer.

Once you have typed in a number and hit ,
the program will think for a second or two,
depending on the speed of your computer, and then
display a screenful of random words/names. The
number or words/names it puts on the screen is
determined automatically by the program, and is
based on the maximum number of syllables you
entered previously.

Once the list has been displayed, RW gives you the
opportunity to do one of several things. You may

1) Quit the program (hit )
2) See more random words (hit )
3) Print the current list (hit


If you opt to Quit, RW will clear the screen and
return you to DOS. Do this by hitting the

If you want to see another screenful of random
words/names, hit the . You will be
prompted once again to enter the maximum number of
syllables for the next screenful of words. The
process essentially begins again.

If you wish to print the list currently on the
screen, hit the

key. The program will print
the current list to any printer connected to the
LPT1 port of your computer. Once the list has been
printed, you are faced with the same decision again
and may either print the list again, quit, or see
another screenful of words/names.

If you choose to print and the program encounters
problems with your printer, a small error message
will be displayed in the center of the screen. This
could occur if the printer is off, you are out of
paper, or some other printer-related problem pops
up. If this occurs, check your printer for
problems. When resolved, you may hit any key to
have the program try the print again.

That's Almost All...

That's all there is to the program. I hope it can
provide you with some utility and a lot of fun.
There are still a few details to clear up, though.

I have to do this, and I don't like it, so it's
here at the end of the documentation. But let's
get it overwith...

This program is copyright by myself, Tony Martin. I
cannot be held responsible for any consequences
arising from the ability or inability to use this
software. It is provided "as is" with no
warranties of any kind. You may not accept any
remuneration for this program without prior written
permission from myself.

Ick. Now the good news...

This program is completely free. You may give
UNALTERED copies to friends or upload it to
bulletin boards, as you wish. Both files, RW.EXE
and RW.DOC, must be included if you give it to
anyone else. Use and enjoy it.

Ending Notes

Fun is a primary ingredient in any software from
the BAD SOFTWARE Company. I hope you have as much
fun using this program as I did writing it. RW was
written in Microsoft QuickBASIC version 4.5.

If you have any questions or comments regarding
this program, or would like to know about other
software products from BAD SOFTWARE, please write
to me at the following address:

Tony Martin
7623 Matera St. #104
Falls Church, VA 22043

I'll do my best to answer all correspondence.

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