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RUSSIAN WORD PROCESSOR - Vers. 2.1 - Oct.1988

by Bill Tavolga

This program transforms your PC keyboard into a Cyrillic alphabet
typewriter as used by the Russian language, and serves as a basic word

The hardware must include graphics support (CGA, EGA, VGA, or
Hercules, etc.). So far only one printer type is supported. Any
Epson or Epson compatible that uses the Epson escape code sequence to
access double density printer graphics will work.

Run program RUSS. The file RUSS.FNT should be on the same disk or
directory path. If not, you will be asked to enter the path, complete
with backslashes, etc. At first the entire font is shown, and you proceed
by pressing any key. The keyboard layout based on the most frequently
encountered PC keyboard is shown on the bottom of the screen, and there
are 16 blank lines available on the page window. If you have EGA or VGA
color graphics (650x350), then you can request the option that will give
you 32 lines per page. All standard 33 Russian letters (lower and upper
case) are available, as well as digits 0 to 9. In addition the rarely
used ("old Style") dotted i and "yatz" are available (the bar and
backslash key). Most standard punctuation marks are on the top row of the
keyboard (shifted numbers). The / key produces a ?. The shifted , . / keys
produce three commonly used symbols in Russian texts: the double < and >
used as speech quotation marks, and a long dash, also used to denote speech
but more often it indicates the non-existent present tense of the verb to be.
The keyboard layout is visible at all times, and you can also get a printout.
A counter on the bottom line shows the cursor location by column and line

The keypad is used for most editing functions:
Left & right arrow keys move cursor within line limits.
Up & down arrows move within text limits,
scrolling line-by-line to next or previous page.
Home & end keys move to left or right ends of line.
PgUp & PgDn keys move to top or bottom of text page,
scrolling to next or previous page.

Backspace deletes character to left of cursor and pulls in text.
Del key deletes character at cursor and pulls in text.
Enter key creates new line below cursor (compare with F3).
Ins key toggles from overwrite to insert mode and back, and "INS"
appears in lower right corner when insert is active.

The ESC key exits the program, and special function keys do the
F1 = Clears the text on the selected line.
F2 = Deletes the selected line and pulls up text.
F3 = Inserts new line above cursor.
Note: Enter key creates line below cursor.
F4 = Deletes all text.
F6 = Prints full text centered on 8.5 x 11" paper.
A 6-line page break is printed every 60 lines.
F7 = Saves the text in file name provided.
F8 = Retrieves text and replaces existing text.
File must have been previously saved by this program.
F9 = Prints Cyrillic (Russian) font in accordance with
keyboard layout.

There is no wrap-around facility, and the line length is a
maximum of 49 characters. The page window is 16 lines (32 in the EGA/VGA
option). The maximum document length is 300 lines. The keyboard layout
is based on that of the usual PC computer. However, the key positions
may differ slightly in different models and brands, especially the
location of the tilde key. The position of the backslash is even more

The present version of the program is a significant improvement over
the previous version 2.0 in the addition of upper case for the accented i
and yeh, additional punctuation, and the two "old style" characters. This
version will retrieve texts saved with version 2.0. Many bugs, both major
and minor have been fixed, and the 32-line EGA/VGA option added. The program
tested with several kinds of Hercules-type monochrome graphics boards, but
there may be some out there that will give trouble.

A sample Russian text file is included: RUSS.TXT

This is a Shareware program, and if you find it useful, a
registration fee of $15 would be appreciated. You will be apprised of
changes and updates. The keyboard equivalents will be especially subject
to change, as I get more information on any trends toward standardization.
Your comments would be greatly valued, and efforts will be made to support
printer formats other than Epson. Please send registrations, comments,
questions, etc., to:

William N. Tavolga
5151 Windward Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34242
(Phone: (813)-349-6221)
(CIS : 76360,45)

The author is not responsible for any damage, inconvenience, or
hair loss associated with the use of this program. Vasha d'yelo.

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