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Remove blanks and nulls from right side of ASCII files.
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Remove blanks and nulls from right side of ASCII files.
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Author - Bob Keber
336 Swain Blvd.
Lake Worth, FL 33463

July 1990

Released To Public Domain - No Charge

This is a simple little utility for "Adjusting" ASCII Text files.

Designed with the Program Author and Writer in mind, RTRIM will "Trim"
all of the Spacebars, Nulls, and Blank Spaces that may be invisibly
attached to the right end of each line of text.

This feature will produce a copy of the original file which (in many
cases) is much smaller then the size of the original file. And yet, it
does this without moving any of the original text's positions in the
file (no missing lines, or text shoved left or right).

This can be a big time saver when sending files by telephone.

Another "new" option is the ability to create up to a nine space "Left
Margin" or "Page Offset" in the new output file. This allows the use
of binders and report covers without covering up any of the text.

If I get some encouragement, Version 3 will have the ability to
"Remove a Page Offset" from an original file. Enjoy!

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