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Filter Columns from ASCII Files.
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Filter Columns from ASCII Files.
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Contents of the RMCOL.DOC file


RMCOL.COM is a filter that needs redirection. It takes a file from std input
and removes a column of 0 to 255 contiguous characters from that text
file. The column count will reset at a line boundary. However, tabs will
be treated as single characters, and this may produce unexpected results.
RMCOL then writes the file to std output.

Usage is:

RMCOL n1{delim}n2 [[>ofile]]

where n1 is the starting column - 1 (0 to 256), n2 is the number of
columns to remove (0 is accepted, and no columns will be removed), and
{delim} is tab(s), space(s), or a single comma if desired. Careless use
of commas results in errors. Files are std input and std output.

Enjoy !

David L. Poskie MATRIX dBBS (608)274-2936

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