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* ----------------------------------------------------------------------
* @(1) Load At Command Line All Files From a Pre-Made List of Files,
* (Does *NOT* Emulate PC Magazine's FILECTRL.COM After Loading)
* (Written by Kyle Watkins of SemWare)
* > Must be first macro in file to autoexecute at start up <
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------

* In comparing this latest macro (as written by Kyle Watkins) to one
* Tim Farley wrote earlier, the following message was sent to me on the
* SemWare BBS by Tim, dated 7/31/90:

* Here's Kyle's version (much improved over mine, I must admit)
* of the file list loading macro. Comments added by me.
* *
@1 MacroBegin
EndFile BegLine * start at last line
UnmarkBlock *(unmarkblock not necessary, TH, 6-26-91)
MarkLine Copy * grab this name
EditFile * get ready to load
CurrentFilename " " * to force return *here*
Paste Return * paste file name & do it!
CursorUp * more lines above?
JTrue REPEAT: * if yes, repeat.
* 19 bytes Mon 06-24-1991 23:24:24 (TH added this line)
* Not only is this macro far smaller than mine (by almost a factor of
* 2!), but it has the following advantages:
* * faster!
* * doesn't "change" the file list file
* * still loads files in same order they are in the list
* * returns to list file with no screen "flashing"
* * takes advantage of QEdit's deferred loading of files
* That last bit is the main advantage: by specifying CurrentFilename
* plus a space plus the desired file name on the EditFile prompt, we
* load both the current file, plus the file we desire. This takes
* advantage of the fact that the EditFile, just like the QEdit command
* line, can accept multiple file names together, separated by spaces.
* But loading the current file just returns us to the buffer we are in
* with no disk access. So the end result is that the file from the
* list is entered in QEdit's "ring" *without* actually loading it. It
* only loads when you try to Nextfiles into it, just as if you had
* loaded the list via a wild card. Neat!
* Kyle really came up with a far better solution here.
* --Tim Farley