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Exchanges a string with another string in any text file.
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Exchanges a string with another string in any text file.
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Contents of the REPL.DOC file

********************** Disclaimer ************************************

This software is provided as is. I make no warranty as to
it's suitability for any particular purpose. I will not
be responsible for your use or failure to use this software
in the manner intended (or any other demented manner you
come up with on your own).

*********************** Usage ***************************************

REPL Version 1.2 - August 24, 1990
Copyright (C) 1989,1990 by Bruce Bequette
Distributed through San Diego PCBoard (C)
(619) 584-1715 (data)

Usage: REPL "old string" "new string" [/C /W]

REPL replaces all occurences of "old string" with "new string"
in all files that match . may be any valid DOS
filename including drive, path, and wildcard filenames. The /C switch
will cause REPL to ignore case when searching for "old string" in
the files. The /W switch will only perform a replacement if the old
string is a word (not preceded or followed by 'a-z, A-Z, 0-9').

If you use this program, please register it by sending $5 to
Bruce Bequette, 6415 Reflection Dr. #202, San Diego, CA 92124.

Thank you for supporting shareware!

*********************** History ***********************************

v1.2 - This release implemented a number of changes that
were requested by one of the users.

Advertising has been eliminated during program
execution. This permits you to pipe the results
to a file without all of the overhead. The
advertising still appears if you run the program
with no parameters, or invalid parameters.

The command line switches were made positionally
independent. The , "old string", and
"new string" must still be in the same order,
however, you may now put the switches anywhere
you like.

The file date and time will no longer be changed
if nothing was done to the file.

As a special request, REPL may now be renamed to
any valid DOS filename that makes sense to you,
and all of the help and status messages will
reflect the new name. This change was made because
someone thought that naming the program CHANGE.EXE
made more sense than REPL.EXE. This allows you
to customize it to anything you like.

v1.1 Added case sensitivity and word only search modes.

v1.0 The birth of a useful utility.

******************* Thanks **************************************

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions.
They play a key roll in fine tuning the software and making it
a truly useful utility. Please keep them comming.

Bruce Bequette

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