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Advantage Hypertext file reader.
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Advantage Hypertext file reader.
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README.1ST 1437 580 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

This ZIP file contains the Advantage Reader, READ.EXE, the
Advantage Memory Manager, ADVMNGR.EXE, and a PaperLess document,
READER.ADV, which explains the use of the Reader and the Memory

To load the document into the Advantage Reader, enter the
following on the DOS command line:


where FILENAME is the name of the PaperLess document. It is not
necessary to include the .ADV extension. If the document is not
on the current drive or in the current directory, you should
include the drive designation and DOS path. Example:


You may also start the Reader by simply entering READ at the DOS
prompt. When no document filename is specified on the DOS command
line, the Reader will display a list of the PaperLess documents
(files with the .ADV extension) in the current directory. Select
a document to load, or change to the drive and directory where the
desired document is located.

In order to run the Advantage Reader from any directory on your
system, the Reader should be located in a directory that is
included in the PATH= statement in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

The Memory Manager should always be located on the same disk
drive and in the same directory as the Advantage Reader.

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