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Add header to an ASCII text file to make it a scrollable self-displaying file.
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Add header to an ASCII text file to make it a scrollable self-displaying file.
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Contents of the READER13.DOC file

READER13 Dale Thompson
Header 10-24-92


Purpose: Header added to an ASCII text file to make it a
scollable self-displaying file.

Format: COPY [d:][path]READER13.COM /B +
[d:][path] /A [d:][path]

Remarks: One of my favorite programs, which had a command line HELP
switch, was revised into two programs. The HELP function was
moved to the new program, a menu driver for the original
program. I am used to the command line program, and the menu
program is a mess, but I want to keep the HELP function.
What do I do?

1. I load SNIPPER, a TSR from PC Magazine, and the
offending menu program.

2. I run the menu program's HELP function and use
SNIPPER to extract the text I want to dislay, not
just a single screen, but all that I want.

3. I edit the file collected by SNIPPER. The READER
doesn't recognize tabs. I'll need to remove
un-needed spaces at the end of lines to keep the file
size down. And, of course the author didn't write it
just right, so I'll need to improve it.

4. Now I add the READER file to my text file using the
COPY format above. I name the something
like MENUHELP.COM and I have a self-reading file.

But I liked the HELP function as a command line switch on the
original program (before the menu program was added). How do
I get that back?

Write a batch file that will pass through command line
switches to the original program, and will run the text help
program when a HELP switch is used. Below is a sample.
It replaces the DOS DISKCOPY with COPYQM and calls
CPYQMHLP.COM, the self-displaying text file, when the command
DISKCOPY HELP is given. (Note: ANSI.SYS is used for display.)

@echo off
if /%1==/ goto error
if %1==a: goto start
if %1==A: goto start
if %1==b: goto start
if %1==B: goto start
if %1==help goto help
if %1==HELP goto help
echo [1;7m[7;1HERROR [0;1m-- MISSING DRIVE LETTER ---
goto end
goto end
COPYQM %1 overflow=x overflow=c: SM NOL

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