Dec 242017
Configure Qedit to be WordStar compatible.
File QWS1_01.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Word Processors
Configure Qedit to be WordStar compatible.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
QWS.HLP 4046 1102 deflated
QWSHELP.TXT 2050 890 deflated
QWSKEY.DAT 3599 1040 deflated
QWSMISC.TXT 2050 122 deflated
QWSREAD.ME 1549 733 deflated

Download File QWS1_01.ZIP Here

Contents of the QWSHELP.TXT file

cursordown ^X screen_lt @F9 g_exit @Qmacro_read #F1set_rmarg
cursorleft ^S screen_rt @F10 g_file @Dmacro_write #F2 ^OR
cursorright ^D add_line F2 g_save F9macro_record #F3set_ctab
cursorup ^E del_ch ^G g_pquit F10get_scrbuf ^BL #F5
beg_line ^QSdel_lt_wor ^bs pquit F3storescrbuf ^BSset_ptab
end_line ^QDdel_rt_word ^T prev_file ^KPclose_window ^OC #F6
beg_screen ^QEdel_line ^Y read_block ^KRopen_window ^OOshell @S
end_screen ^QXdel_to_eol ^QY save_file ^KSgrow_window ^OGunkill ^U
word_left ^A dup_line F4 copy_block ^KCnext_window ^ONwrap_para
word_right ^F get_prev @P delete_block ^KYone_window ^OQ @W
prev_position ^QPinsert_line F7 drop_anchor F5prev_window ^OPundo_curs
beg_file ^QRjoin_line F8 mark_blk_beg ^KBshrink_window^OS ^QL
end_file ^QCsplit_line ^N mark_blk_end ^KKzoom_window ^OZ TOGGLES
half_pgup #F7tab_lt #tab move_block ^KVprint_all ^PAindent^QI
half_pgdn #F8tab_rt tabshiftleft @F7print_block ^PBbakups^QB
page_up ^R find ^QFshiftright @F8print_eject ^PEinsert ^V
page_down ^C find_replace ^QAunmark_block ^KHset_lt_marg ^PMwordwrap
goto_line ^J repeat_find ^L write_block ^KWset_page_size^PP ^QW
scroll_up ^W edit_file ^KEmark_line @Kalign F1 enter_mat
scroll_down ^Z exit ^KQcopy grey+dos @D ching ^QM
makebotofscren @Bfile ^KXcut grey-literal @L
maketopofscren @Tnext_file ^KNpaste grey*match @Z
makectrofscren @Cchg_filename ^KFquick_help @Hmain_menu @M

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