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Useful front end for QEdit. Remembers the last file(s) that were edited.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

QuickQ is freeware from the sysop of Chicago Voice.
(Call Chicago Voice for the Source code to QuickQ)

Dowloaded from

Chicago Voice Message/Mail/BBS (708) 982-0126 24Hrs

Free Public Voice Messages, Private Mailboxes available for $30 year.
BBS access: 1200/300 Over 30 message bases. Say Good-Bye to 1-900 &
1-700 Ripoffs! Say "Hello" to Chicago Voice.

Refer to the file CV.ZIP for instructions and subscription information
for Chicago Voice. All you need to access Chicago Voice is a touch-tone
telephone. BBS service is also available from the same telephone line.

Want to start your own version of Chicago Voice ? The software and hard-
ware necessary to begin your own voice/data service is available starting
at $499.95. Custom voice software including FAX storage/transmission
is also available. Businesses can automate sales leads generation with
the bulk call generator feature, as well as automate call reception and
support for customers. If you wish to know more about this dynamic offer,
call Chicago voice and leave a message for the system operator. Your call
will be returned promptly.

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