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MAKE utility for use from within QEDIT.
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MAKE utility for use from within QEDIT.
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Q M A K E . D O C 07/02/88


The accompanying file, QMAKE.EXE is an intermediate step
between Sammy Mitchell's excellent editor QEdit and the
MAKE.EXE utility that's supplied by many manufacturers.
It will allow you to press a key while editing a program
source file, and automatically invoke your MAKE utility
with that current filename (minus its extension) as the
argument for MAKE.


As written, QMAKE expects your makefile to be named the
same as the file you are editing, but with no extension.
This is a convention used by many programmers.
If the file you are editing IS the makefile, QMAKE
is smart enough to realize that there is no extension,
and it will invoke MAKE using the current filename.
Thus, in a program that's developed from multiple source
files, you can (also) load the makefile into QEdit and
rebuild the program using your macro keypress, no matter
what your naming convention for the multiple files.
You'll want to install a macro into QEdit that will
call upon QMAKE to build your programs. I assigned the
macro to , an unused keybinding in the original
QCONFIG.DAT file. It is somewhat mnemonic, if you
consider make to be spelled maKe. An example of such a
macro looks like this, and must be one line in your
QCONFIG.DAT file, though it is split into three here
for readability:

@k macro_begin save_file
current_filename return

If you prefer to assign to a different key, change the @k
to any other unused key in your QCONFIG.DAT file.


Neither this program nor its documentation nor source
file is copyrighted. It is released to the public domain
for all to use. But please be good enough to distribute
the original files in the original archive. If you
improve upon this program and distribute your files, name
them something else and give credit to previous author(s)
for any sections that are not yours.
Source code is included in QMAKE.C, written for
Microsoft C v5.1, but it is really quite nonspecific. If
you need to modify the way this program works, you should
be able to do so and recompile with nearly any C system.


Jerry Houston - COLLEGE CORNER BBS - Bellevue, WA - (206) 643-0804

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