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QM is an Expert Mouse Menu to be used with Sammy Mitchell's excellent programming editor called QEDIT.
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QM is an Expert Mouse Menu to be used with Sammy Mitchell’s excellent programming editor called QEDIT.
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Contents of the QM.DOC file

QM -- QEdit Mouse Driver

An external driver to allow the use of a mouse in QEdit

Release: 2
Date: November 17th, 1989

QEdit is Copyright 1985-1989 by SemWare, All Rights Reserved.
QM is (C) Copyright Jerry Houston, 1988, All Rights Reserved.

The file QM.COM is an Expert Mouse Menu to be used with Sammy Mitchell's
excellent programming editor called QEDIT. QM.COM was designed for and
tested with version 2.04 of the editor.

This update of QM.COM fixes three problems with the driver. First, it now
works with some non-Microsoft mice the former driver would not. Second, it
now supports the expanded keyboard support in QEdit 2.07+. Third, it uses
approximately 4K less memory.

This mouse driver is self-contained, and does not require the use of the
MENU.COM program. It will work well with any Microsoft Mouse, and may also
work with other pointing devices that are compatible with the Microsoft

NOTE: You must have a Microsoft-compatible mouse driver loaded into memory
BEFORE loading QM.COM. For Microsoft or Logitech mice, this is usually a
program called MOUSE.COM or MOUSE.SYS. Check your mouse documentation for

To install the mouse driver, type the command:

C:> QM

at the DOS command line just prior to starting the editor.

You will see the following:

QEdit 2.x Mouse Driver, with extended keyboard support.
Left = , Right = , Both buttons =

QEdit Microsoft Mouse menu installed

When finished, this driver can actually be removed from memory (and not
merely disabled) with the command:


You will see the following:

Microsoft Mouse menu removed from memory

The only error message that QM.COM can issue is:

Microsoft Mouse driver not found

If this message occurs, either you did not load your mouse driver prior to
loading QM, or your mouse is not truly Microsoft-compatible. Please check
your mouse documentation for information on how to make your mouse emulate a
Microsoft mouse.

If you happen to use Chris Dunford's CED command-line editor (or you use
DOSEDIT, ANARKEY, 4DOS, or other similar command line enhancer) you may want
to install an alias that will start up the mouse driver just before starting
QEDIT. For instance, using CED:


(This assumes Q.EXE has been renamed QEDIT.EXE, and is on the path). That
will take care of installing and turning on the mouse driver, loading the
editor and executing it, then removing the mouse driver from memory when
finished with the editor. Alternatively, you may want to consider the above
commands as a keyboard macro.

The QM mouse driver duplicates the arrow keys found on the keyboard, and
provides a couple other features when its buttons are pressed:

LeftButton -
RightButton -
BothButtons -

Thus, you can locate anywhere in a file by moving the mouse up and down, and
left and right. When editing, the sensitivity of the mouse is increased for
quick movement within a file.

You can open QEDIT's menu bar by pressing the right mouse button, and you can
select a menu item by pressing the left mouse button. If you have opened the
menus, the sensitivity of the mouse is decreased for careful movement through
the menus.

If you've opened more than one window while editing, pressing both mouse
buttons simultaneously will move the cursor to the next window much more
easily than issuing the command from the keyboard or picking it
out of the menu.

The file QM.COM and this documentation are

(C) Copyright Jerry Houston, 1988, All rights reserved.

It may be freely used, copied, and distributed in any manner by anyone,
provided that: no fee is charged; it is not distributed as part of a
commercial product; all risk is assumed by the user; and this unmodified
documentation file is included. Express permission is granted to Sammy
Mitchell to include QM.COM with his QEDIT editor without restriction, should
he choose to do so.

The author assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage that may be caused
by the use of this software, and does not warrant that it will do anything at
all. Users must agree to accept any risk as a condition of the free use of
this software.

Because of its very trivial nature, the author does not anticipate that any
support will be needed. However, if you have any ideas for improvement, leave
me a message and I'll certainly consider implementing them. Please DON'T send
me any contributions. This is my way of repaying what others have done. If
you use QEDIT regularly and you haven't yet registered it, take a minute now
to send Sammy a check!

Bellevue, WA - (206) 643-0804

This update patches QM.COM to support the expanded keyboard, and to avoid a
problem with certain non-Microsoft mouse drivers which the older QM.COM would
reject. (Tim Farley, SemWare QEdit Support BBS, (404) 641-8968)

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