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Set up QEDIT to mimic Wordperfect command set.
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Set up QEDIT to mimic Wordperfect command set.
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Contents of the QEDIT-WP.DOC file

WordPerfect Key Emulation for QEDIT 2.00

(c) 1988 The WHITEROCK Alternative
Bert H. Hoff
7552 - 31st Ave. N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115

This program is designed to enable you to use WordPerfect-like key commands
within QEDIT 2.00. This is in addition to QEDIT's own menu system, accessed
with the {Esc} key. It is based on Dave Jaeger's earlier program for QEdit
versions 1. Unfortunately, his commands don't work with 2.xx.

The system consists of these files:

WPKEY .DEF Used to re-define the QEdit keys
(In QCONFIG, select K for keys, and type in WPKEY.DEF
when prompted for a file name.)

WPHELP .DOC On-line QuickHelp help screen.
ACCESS with {Shift} F - 1. (I needed the WordPerfect
Help key, F-3, to expand the SwitchWindows/SwitchFiles
options available.)
(In QCONFIG, select H for QuickHelp, and type in
WPHELP.DOC when prompted for a filename for the QuickHelp

MACROS .QWP The start of a macros file for you. Use WordPerfect's
Macro key {Alt} F-10 to load this file. At the
prompt type "r" for Read In Macro File.
The only macro in it is {Alt} H, for Help. It splits
your screen to load a second file, WPKEY2.DOC, in a
second window. THE WPKEY2.DOC file must be in the
CURRENT directory for the macro to load this file.

WPKEY2.DOC An ASCII file (chart) showing the Function Key com-
mands (Regular, {Shift}, {Alt}, and {Ctrl}).

I saw a better definition of Shareware -- FOOLWARE -- in a BBS file the other
day. I would be a FOOL to think anyone would actually send in money. This,
in the main, has been the experience of The WHITEROCK Alternative with respect
to its templates for Lotus 1-2-3 and Symphony (check ledger, mail list, macro
files, Worksheet disk organizer.) But there actually are some people who have
sent registration fees to WHITEROCK.

I am distributing this as Shareware or Foolware. Please send in just $10 if
you use these files more often than once a week. I will use the first $40
to register my copy of QEdit. Or, please send me a note just to let me know
you are out there and are trying the program. Comments, etc. welcome!!


Bert H. Hoff
The WHITEROCK Alternative
7552 - 31st Ave. N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115

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