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Program file information

Program QCOLOR.EXE version 2.0
Purpose Color configuration for QEdit versions:
- shareware version of 2.07
- registered version of 2.07
- shareware version of 2.07A
- registered version of 2.07A

Written 01/18/89
Modified 02/20/89 Added support fix variable size sectors. CLC.
04/06/89 Added support for version 2.07A. CLC.
04/08/89 Added support for all "current" versions
of QEdit (2.07s, 2.07r, 2.07As, 2.07Ar) CLC.
Copyrighted 01/30/89
Author Chris Curran
Aquila Data Systems
Compiler TurboC 2.0
Libraries WNDWC20

The Legal Stuff

QColor is a copyrighted piece of software. You may not distribute
this product in any modified manner (including the DOC file). You
may not distribute this product for any type of remuneration
(including "disc" fees, etc...)


If you decide to use QColor, you do so at your own risk. "This
program is supplied as is. Aquila Data Systems disclaims all
warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the
warranties of merchantability and of fitness of this program for any
purpose. Aquila Data Systems assumes no liability for damages
direct or consequential, which may result from the use of this


The Meat

1. QColor is for use on the following versions of QEdit:
- shareware version of 2.07
- registered version of 2.07
- shareware version of 2.07A
- registered version of 2.07A


2. You must be in the directory that contains your copy
of Q.EXE.

If you have downloaded (or otherwise acquired) this program, then
you are already aware of QEdit. Congratulations on your excellent
choice of editors. As you know (or are about to learn), QEdit is the
best PC editor available. Keep this in mind if you have not
registered your copy of QEdit. Registration is easy and well worth
it. Besides it being the right thing to do, the printed manual that
may be purchased for an additional $10 is incredible. Get the
manual if you register.

QColor is a program that allows you to easily modify the color
settings of QEdit 2.07A. Upon invocation, QColor will read the
current color settings of your Q.EXE file. After QColor is "up and
running", the version of QEdit that it is working on will be
displayed (lower portion of the screen). If the version reads

"unknown version - ABORT NOW!!"

then choose the "Exit/Save changes" option. Choose "N" to exit.

The current settings of your Q.EXE will then be displayed in a
window on the right (the "user-window"). Items available for color
change are displayed in a window on the left. NOTE: Items preceded
with a "*" are currently unavailable for setting in QColor. A future
release of QColor will address these items.

Press the up-arrow or down-arrow to select the desired item to
change. After the item is high-lighted, press RETURN to select it.
You will then be asked to choose Foreground or Background color

The user will then be presented with a list of available colors.
As the high-light is moved (with up-arrow or down-arrow), the
appropriate color will be displayed in the user-window (the window to
the right). Press RETURN to select the currently high-lighted color.
NOTE: Pressing ESC will "back" the user out of the current window to
the previous window.

After all color changes have been made, choose the "Exit/save
changes" option. Enter "Y" to save the changes made, or "N" to abort
the changes made.

Restoring defaults

Choosing this option will reset all QEdit colors to the
following settings:

item Foreground Background
Blocked text Yellow Blue
Error messages Yellow Red
Text area White Black
Status line Yellow Cyan
Cursor line Light Green Black
Messages not available in QColor
Hi-lighted items not available in QColor
EOF line/indicator Light gray Light gray
Help screen not available in QColor
Box borders Red Black
Popup windows White Blue
Menu items White Blue
Selected menu items Yellow Red

The Commercial

Do you have larger Data Processing needs? Aquila Data Systems is a
full service software house specializing in the Qantel line of
mini/mainframe computers. We can provide you with on-going software
support, custom software, software modifications, high performance
system level utilities and custom interfacing needs.

If there are any questions, comments or suggestions, I can be
reached via one of the following methods:

QExchange BBS - (813)623-2320
CIS - PPN# 74000,1142
US Mail - Chris Curran
10208 Marsh Harbor Way #8
Riverview, FL 33569
Voice line - (813)626-0687 (EST). Please use good judgement when
placing calls - if my wife is awoken by a phone
call at 2:00am, well, you know.

Chris Curran

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