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Boxes for QEDIT 2.04.
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Boxes for QEDIT 2.04.
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Contents of the Q204BOX.DOC file

30 April 1988

NOTE: the enclosed macros have been redone for version 2.04
because 2.00 thru 2.03 version macros are apparently
incompatable with version 2.04. When/if you upgrade
to QEdit 2.04 throw away my earlier version of the
"box" macros if you were using them and substitute the


This set of files is for all those QEdit fans who, like me, used
one or more of the 1.3x versions of QEdit and grew to like Sammy
Mitchell's very neat box drawing capability. For essentially the
same in Version 2.04 just:

1> Copy the six "BOX*.*" files to your root directory.

2> Add the follow macro to your QCONFIG.DAT file.

f1 macro_begin horizontal_window edit_file '\box.ref' return

(I have indicated assignment to unshifted function key 1 but you
may assign it to any key you like.)

3> Reconfigure your QEdit version 2.0 keys with QCONFIG.COM (use the
"K", then the "S" menu options).

Then -- tapping F1 (or whatever key you chose in step 2 above) will give
you a nice box-drawing crib sheet in a separate window and a reminder
(at the right of each line) of the name of the separate box-drawing
macro files which may be loaded ("Esc-M-R" is one way). These \BOX?.MAC
files, when loaded, will provide the number-pad capablities which Sammy
should have retained in the new (still nice and fast, but much larger)
2.0 version of QEdit.

Note that each *.mac file gives a different style of box and that
each is invoked with a corresponding box-corner or box-side Alt-NumPad
key. (Alt-7 for upper-left box corner, Alt-8 for upper box side.....
etc ... and Alt-5 will give you a box-center cross). This will work
with NumLock on or off, but to work as expected you should be in
over-write mode (insert should be off) and you should proceed clockwise
around the box.

Also, you may choose to use the *.MAC files without the window file
(the BOX.REF file) and, if so, you may skip steps 2 and 3 above.

No charge for this - my little way of having fun and saying thank you
for all the handy "freeware" software I use every day. Just remember
though, that QEdit 2.0 is not "free-ware" but is "shareware" - so please
register that if you use it.

Pete Petit
1022 Ocean Road
Pebble Beach, CA 93953

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