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Help file for ptr prog in WP50.
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Help file for ptr prog in WP50.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Note that both files archived with this one, WPDL.DOC and
PTRREF.WP5, are formatted for WordPerfect 5.0. If you don't have
5.0, they won't do you any good anyway! Even if you do, you may
have problems with printing, since 5.0 files are made specific to
the printers under the definition of which they are created.
Once you save/replace such a file under your own definition, they
are supposed to print out decently, but my experience is that
this is an area in which 5.0 still has major bugs!

PTRREF.WP5 is basically a collection of help screens for the
printer definition utility PTR.EXE, which comes with WP 5.0. It
is NOT a tutorial or complete manual on this utility. Note that
after saving this document under your printer definition, you may
want to regenerate the table of contents and index, since your
pagination may not be in accord with that of Stu Bloom, the WP
user who put this file together. In fact, I have found that
tables of contents originated under other printer definitions
drive my own printers completely bonkers. You may have better

Note that WPDL.DOC was created for a non-tractor-feed printer.
After you save the file under your own printer definition, if you
have a tractor-feed printer, I strongly recommend you delete the
code for page size at the beginning of the document! This
document was uploaded toCompuServe by Becca Dodds of WordPerfect
Corporation to explain the language of the printer definition
program PTR.EXE. It does not explain the whole program, but if
you are a printer guru already, it will probably be helpful!
(Passed along, with above snide comments, by Charles R.L. Power,
Financial Management Systems Analysis Group, Dept. of Justice,
tel. (202)272-5700; Easyplex 74020,130).

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