Dec 172017
File PSCRIB30.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Word Processors
Analyze your writing style as you write. Computes a running difficulty level, and points out possible writing errors.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ORDERPS 2499 875 deflated
PRINTMAN.BAT 1237 440 deflated
PS.EXE 130611 74409 deflated
PSHELP.SCR 44007 8317 deflated
PSMANUAL.DOC 83394 26681 deflated
QUICK.REF 9405 3554 deflated
README.BAT 2071 825 deflated
TEST.TXT 4084 1831 deflated
WASTED.WRD 8879 2693 deflated
WHATS.NEW 4108 1755 deflated

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