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Professional Scribe (Pro~Scribe) Pro~Scribe Express

"To write with the skill of a pro."

=========== Pro~Scribe Version 3.0: What's New? Almost Everything ==========

We just re-wrote Pro~Scribe - completely (including the manual). We
kept the features you found useful, and added many more, like EXPRESS.

The version we're working on now has even more features. See 'What's
Coming" in your manual.

Pro~Scribe EXPRESS
PS Express (PSE) is the memory-resident (TSR) version of PS. That means
you run it once, and it waits in memory for you to call it up when you
need help most - while you're actually writing. Here's how:
* Run your word processor and start writing. Need Help? Press Alt-Space.
* PSE comes to life. Highlight the text you want PSE to examine, and,
before you can blink, a window pops up with comments about your
writing, and a summary of your words and sentences.

PSE is amazing, immensely helpful - like having an English teacher look-
ing over your shoulder, gently coaching you as you write. See something
you want to fix? Edit it, then call PSE up again to see the improvements.

PSE may eliminate those long, frustrating write/edit/re-write cycles --
you edit as you go. PSE can save you enormous amounts of time!
----> PS Express is sent to registered users of Pro~Scribe. <----

Other Improvements
Word Wasters
PS now scans your writing for the kinds of writing mistakes we all make,
the traps we fall into, at least once in awhile. We call these traps
Word Wasters - words or phrases that are wordy, confusing, often misused,
or just plain unnecessary. There are 5 categories:
* Wasted Words * Misused Words * Tongue Waggers
* Nouns-To-Verbs * Passive Voice

PS' Word Waster feature helps you eradicate the jargon and 'excess
baggage' from your writing. And you can customize this feature:
* Include your own 'pets' - jargon or phrases you want to avoid.
* Edit other peoples' work? Add the jargon they use/mistakes they make.
Then give them a copy of PS' results with your comments. Better yet,
ask THEM to run their work through PS BEFORE giving it to you.

Running Grade Level - Graphic and Pattern Summaries
PS always let you see a Running Grade Level (RGL) - showing you the
complexity of your writing line-by-line. This helped you spot:
* Several complex sentences in a row - something bound to throw your reader.
* Which sections were OK, and which need some work.

Earlier PS versions printed the RGL beside your text. This remains, but
we added TWO graphics showing you: 1) On ONE screen, the RGL for HUNDREDS
of lines of text; 2) The pattern of your writing style against an 'ideal.'
The next version will help even more - it'll flag complex words and Word
Wasters IN EACH LINE - showing you where to edit, what to fix.

PS 3.0 is MUCH faster than earlier versions. Here's a comparison - the
time it took PS to analyze 3 different files. NOTE: While 3.0 does
much more than earlier versions, it zips through much faster.
==========- Size of File (# of characters)- ==========
PS Version # 2400 7800 15000
============== ==================- Time in Seconds -=================
1.4 17 sec. 71 sec. 121 sec.
2.0 7 23 51
2.8 4 12 25
** 3.0 ** 2 5 9
=================[Tests run on an 8mz IBM XT compatible]=================

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