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*************************** Test.Txt ******************************
This file lets you test the Import File feature. It also shows
several types of writing - good and poor. Press [R]GL at the Results
Menu, then press [T]ext & Graph to see text printed on your screen. Look
at how the the Running Grade Levels change for the different sections.

*** 1. From a Business Week article. Compare this with the next
example. The topics of both: The growing gap between worker skills and
the skills needed to do jobs.

[Grade: 8 # Words/Sentence: 8 % Complex Words: 2%]

In a dynamic economy there is always a gap between job demands and
worker skills. Through most of its history, the U. S. has managed to
keep that gap small. But not anymore. The nation is facing a monumental
mismatch between jobs and the ability of Americans to do them. Unless
the U. S. invests more to close this human capital deficit, the economy
will be shunted onto a lower growth track.

*** 2. From a U. S. government report titled "Automation and the

[Grade: 18 # Words/Sentence: 16 % Complex Words: 22%]

At various stages in U. S. history, changes in workplace operations
and procedures in all sectors of the economy have resulted in changes in
education, training and retraining requirements. Changes in
instructional requirements for manufacturing-related work have been
particularly dramatic. In some instances, they have been so extensive
and widespread that they have triggered changes in the structures of
institutions and organizations engaged in the delivery of education,
training and retraining services or the emergence of new instructional

*** 3. From an employee newsletter. Note it's complexity - in a
newsletter for all staff (some with 5th-6th grade educations).

[Grade: 15 # Words/Sentence: 32 (!!) % Complex Words: 21%]

Some respondents felt that the projections should have been adjusted
to reflect the impact of inflation on future account balances. The
writers had a variety of suggestions for fixing the projections, ranging
from putting a cap on them to printing a reminder that inflation over a
long period of time is likely to have a significant effect on the
spending power of projected (account) balances. Other employees
suggested changing the assumptions, such as reducing either the assumed
amount projected for an annual salary increase (5 percent) or the
percentage projected as the rate of return (8 percent).

*** 4. Legalese: Part of an employee benefits booklet-same company.

[Grade: 19 # Words/Sentence: 103 (!!!!) % Complex Words: 16%]

The right of any person to receive any payment from the Trust Fund,
or to receive any other amount becoming payable to him under the
provisions of the Plan, shall not be subject to alienation or assignment,
unless required by law, except that a participant may make a voluntary
and revocable assignment of up to 10% of any payment hereunder, with the
consent of the Committee. If such person shall attempt to assign,
transfer or dispose of such right in violation of this section, or should
any right not assignable hereunder be subjected to attachment, execution,
garnishment, sequestration or other legal, equitable or other process,
it shall, to the extent permitted by law, ipso facto, pass and be
transferred to such one or more as may be appointed by the Committee from
among the beneficiaries, if any of the participant with respect to whom
such right arises, and the spouse, blood relatives or dependents of such
participants and in such shares and proportions as the Committee may
appoint, provided, however, that notwithstanding any of the foregoing
considerations or any appointments so made, the Committee, in its sole
discretion may reappoint such person to receive any payment thereafter
becoming due, either in whole or in part.
[NOTE: The last sentence has 139 words!]

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