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Pen Pal word processor. Ver 1.1.
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Pen Pal word processor. Ver 1.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BUGS.PPF 12025 939 deflated
IBMPRO.PPP 1024 269 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 2781 948 deflated
PP.EXE 182218 65529 deflated
PP.SYS 402 144 deflated
PPINST.EXE 45464 20593 deflated
PPPRINT.EXE 59136 24425 deflated
PPSPELL.EXE 48960 24313 deflated
READ.ME 3619 1346 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

PenPal Release 1B
Copyright (c) 1988 CodeCrafters

READ.ME contains the latest information about PenPal Release 1B.

PenPal was downloaded as three ARChive files :

PP1.ARC -> the PenPal program files
PP2.ARC -> the PenPal dictionary and printer descriptions
PP3.ARC -> the PenPal documentation in text file format

Each archive file consists of the following :

1) PP1.ARC
PP.EXE -> this is the PenPal program
PP.SYS -> this is the file that contains PenPal's permanent choices
PPINST.EXE -> this is the program that you can use to change PenPal's
colors and graphics keys assignments
PPPRINT.EXE -> this is the program that you can use to modify an existing
printer description (.PPP file) or create a printer descrip-
for a printer not presently supported by PenPal.
PPSPELL.EXE -> this is the word check program
IBMPRO.PPP -> the default printer description
LICENSE.DOC -> the PenPal licensing agreement
BUGS.PPF -> a PenPal format document that you can use to report suspect-
bugs to CodeCrafters.
READ.ME -> this file

2) PP2.ARC
PPSPELL.DXN -> PenPal's dictionary
*.PPP -> several printer descriptions
TESTPRN.PPF -> a PenPal format file with which to test your printer
PPDOX1.TXT -> Part 1 of the PenPal documentation in text file format

3) PP3.ARC
PPDOX2.TXT -> Part 2 of the PenPal documentation in text file format

Please note that the documentation was split into two separate text files
so that when unarced, it would fit on 360K diskettes. For those of you un-
arcing the documentation onto larger capacity diskettes this is the reason
why CodeCrafters did it this way.

A. Getting started
1) You should unarc each ARChive file.
If you are using 360K diskettes, you will need three disks - one for
each ARChive.
If you are using 720K diskettes, you will need two diskettes to hold the
program and documentation.
Diskettes with larger capacities will hold all of the un-ARChived files
on one disk.

2) Print the documentation. At the command line you can type :

type ppdox?.txt > prn

where "?" is either "1" or "2" depending upon which documentation file
(ppdox1.txt or ppdox2.txt) you want to print.

The documentation is about 145 pages long.

PenPal Release 1B
Copyright (c) 1988 CodeCrafters

3) Read the licensing agreement, shareware statement, and Chapters 1 and 2.
Although we recommend you read the entire documentation for PenPal, we
realize that few will do so.

4) Set your permanent choices to your liking.

B. Release 1B contains no known bugs!

C. To reach CodeCrafters while not registered, leave electronic mail on the
following BBS :

George Scott - Sysop

Registered users will be given a private BBS to call for support and to
download the latest copy of PenPal for distribution and/or personal use.
Voice support will be added as the base of registered users supports it.

CodeCrafters sincerely appreciates your test of our word processor. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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