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Create printer definitions for Word Perfect.
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Create printer definitions for Word Perfect.
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Contents of the PMAKE.DOC file

WordPerfect PMAKE Printer/Font Utility

PMAKE is a WordPerfect utility program that allows you to create printer
and font definition files from a master list of files.

Choosing option 2 from the main menu will allow you to copy printer
definitions from the master file down to the working file. When you copy
a printer definition, all the fonts necessary for that definition will
also be copied and associated with that definition in the working file.
You only need copy specific fonts when you wish to have one or more fonts
copied independently of the printer definitions.

When choosing option 2, you will see a screen of definition names that
are available. To get the next screen, press the down arrow key. You
may use the up and down arrow keys to move forward and backward through
the list of definitions, copying those you need.

PMAKE will assume that you want to use WPRINTER.ALL and WPFONT.ALL in your
current directory for the Master Files, and WPRINTER.FIL and WPFONT.FIL in
your current directory for the Working Files. If you wish to change these
files, use Option 5 to change File Names.

Option 5, if used, will also ask for a Working File Rev number. This will
be 1 for versions 3.0 and 4.0 of WP, and 2 for version 4.1. It will also
ask for a version number for the master files.

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