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PEDIT v2.10. A Full featured split-screen editor now handles up to 6 files at one time. Supports all the usual editing functions plus block indent.
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PEDIT v2.10. A Full featured split-screen editor now handles up to 6 files at one time. Supports all the usual editing functions plus block indent.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALTLETTR.PMC 34 33 deflated
ALTOTHDN.PMC 6 6 stored
ALTOTHUP.PMC 6 6 stored
ALTWREV.PMC 6 6 stored
EMCLETTR.PMC 36 34 deflated
EMCOTHDN.PMC 5 5 stored
EMCOTHUP.PMC 6 6 stored
EMCWREV.PMC 6 6 stored
INSTALL.EXE 7803 7463 deflated
PEDALT.INI 2306 689 deflated
PEDALT.KEY 1532 527 deflated
PEDEMC.INI 3029 815 deflated
PEDEMC.KEY 1366 523 deflated
PEDIT.DOC 101482 26234 deflated
PEDIT.EXE 72459 70325 deflated
PEDIT.HLP 43120 10193 deflated
PEDSTD.INI 2325 689 deflated
PEDSTD.KEY 1529 534 deflated
PEDWST.INI 3316 865 deflated
PEDWST.KEY 1289 490 deflated
READ.ME 2520 964 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 5926 1996 deflated
STDLETTR.PMC 34 33 deflated
STDOTHDN.PMC 6 6 stored
STDOTHUP.PMC 6 6 stored
STDWREV.PMC 6 6 stored
VENDOR.DOC 2579 1022 deflated
WHATS.NEW 5655 2036 deflated
WSTLETTR.PMC 34 33 deflated
WSTOTHDN.PMC 6 6 stored
WSTOTHUP.PMC 6 6 stored
WSTWREV.PMC 5 5 stored

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Contents of the READ.ME file

pEDIT - the personal EDITor

pEDIT COPYRIGHT 1989, 1990, 1991

This is a SHAREWARE distribution of pEDIT. Shareware is
NOT freeware; if you like pEDIT and use it on a regular basis
you must register. Type or print the file REGISTER.DOC for
information on how to register.

pEDIT *must* be installed on your system to function
properly. You should view the on-disk documentation before
attempting the install. Set your default to the path where
the pEDIT files reside and at the DOS prompt type:


and press . You will get an error screen because the
initialization file PEDIT.INI does not yet exist. Press the
key to exit the error screen; you will see the first
screen of the documentation.

A default configuration will be in effect which uses the
following labelled keys:

Esc Do Command !enter command mode

Up Move Up !up a line
Down Move Down !down a line
Left Move Left !left one character
Right Move Right !right one character
Home Move Home !beginning of line
End Move End !end of line
Ctrl-Home Move Top !top of buffer
Ctrl-End Move Bottom !bottom of buffer

Del Erase Char !erase current character
Ins Change Mode !insert/overstrike
Pgup Prev Screen !scroll screen up
Pgdn Next Screen !scroll screen down

where Up, Down, Left and Right refer to the arrow keys. Press
and at the 'Command: ' prompt type:


to search for the installation section of the manual. Use the
defined keys to move around in the file. When you are done,
press and type:


You are now ready to begin the installation. If you have
a floppy-only system, you must first format two diskettes. Set
yourself to the disk/directory where the pEDIT distribution
files reside and, at the DOS prompt, type:


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