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pEditor is a fast, easy to use, programmer's editor.
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pEditor is a fast, easy to use, programmer’s editor.
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EPSON.PDF 64 59 deflated
PE.EXE 186798 86603 deflated
PE.HLP 87359 19721 deflated
PE.MAC 34 19 deflated
PEDITOR.DOC 98349 23255 deflated
README.1ST 2097 995 deflated
README.LST 1393 695 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 2985 1157 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

You are encouraged to review the information contained in the file
PEDITOR.DOC. However, if you are real anxious to get started at least read
the information contained in the "Quick Set Up" section. An easy way of
reviewing this information would be to use pEditor. Simply put all the
fines in a directory of your choosing (I suggest d:\PE) and type in:


Should your setup include a color adapter driving a mono monitor then append a
"/BW" to the command line above to force pEditor into the mono mode.

In addition to the files listed in the PERITOR.DOC file, there is also a
file named README.LST. You are encouraged to give pEditor a try before you
read this file. But do be sure to read it as it contains information on a
special limited time offer.

The following was inadvertently omitted from the docs:

1. The installation program has the option to set the amount of RAM used by
pEditor. It also can toggle the use of EMS. Since the installation
program is only available with the registered version, the details of
this option will not be discussed here. In the shareware version,
pEditor will allocate EMS if it is found and will reduce the RAM (within
the lower 640K) used by about 64K.

2. The place marker feature, when toggled on, will place the current cursor
position in the 4 bytes following the ^Z which normally terminates an
ASCII text file. This method has been tested with a number of compilers
with no adverse effects. Should you find that you are experiencing
problems with these extra bytes, the option should be toggled off.

3. When invoking the operating system (DOS Shell) from within pEditor using
disk swapping, a hidden - system file is created in the root directory
of the current drive. Should you re-boot the computer while in this
shell, the file cannot be deleted by pEditor. This will require that
you manually delete the file to free the disk space used by the file.

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