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PE-26.COM Documentation. Pic-Edit and PE-26.COM (c)1987,88,89 A.B.B.S.

!! This version of Pic-Edit is mouse driven only.!!

Pic- Edit will create the following output files:

1> a "Bload"able, Basic compatible file. (a screen dump file)
2> an ANSI file that will re-create the screen in ANSI!.
3> a Text file that will let you print it like .

You start the program by typing in "PE-26" at the DOS prompt. You also
may enter the filename to edit and skip the opening logo. "PE-26
XXX.PIC" will start the program editing XXX.PIC.

Once the program is started, you will see the "Menu Line" appear at the
bottom of the screen, Line 25.

Mouse action inside active area. (all areas except menu line)

The LEFT Button "Places" the cursor where the next character will be
typed on the screen.

The RIGHT Button Toggles through the forground colors, saving you the
trip to the menu line.

The MIDDLE button, if you have one toggles through the background

Mouse action, on the menu line 25.

Any button will select items on the menu line. Although the left button
is a one shot, Click and release type of button. The right and middle
buttons will repeat.

MAIN MENU LINE. Located on line 25 of the screen.

All functions have exit's, so don't worry if you "click" the wrong

Click [FGN] to change the forground color.
Click [BKG] to change the background color.
Click [LOAD] to Load a new file.
Click [SAVE] to Save a file.
Click [Help] to refresh your memory.
Click [QUIT] to quit.
Click [Clear] to access: Clear the whole screen to present color.
Clear the Color only off the screen.
Clear the color of all un-used spaces on the
screen to standard DOS white (color 7).

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Pic-edit Documentation continued...

Click [BOX] to access: Clear the region within the box.
Change the color within a box
Make Single and Double line boxes.
Move the area within the box.

Any time you "Load" a file, a copy of the un-edited file is moved into
a file named "PIC.BAK". If you make a mistake and want the original
file, before editing, rename PIC.BAK to your original filename.

Whenever you load a file, If you leave the extension off, ".PIC" will
be assumed.

You can Specify a text file name if you have a text file you want to
pre-load the screen with. If the Load file name ends with ".TXT" then
it will be assumed you want to pre-load a text file.

Whenever you "save a file", All three of the following will be created:

1> A PIC file.
This file is "BLOAD"able. In basica all you would have to type is
BLOAD "FILENAME.TXT". This makes it real easy for you Basic
programmers to load a screen up, rather than having to do a whole bunch
of Print statements.
This file is also load-able in Turbo Pascal and most other high
level languages. The file needs to be loaded up into memory starting
at B800:0000. Just toss the first 8 bytes that basic uses.

2> An ANSI file.
This program will create a mirror image of the screen you just
saved. It re-creates the screen in ANSI so you can "type" the screen at
the DOS level. The program is now an ANSI editor (see note below). The
output filename will be the same, but with a ".ANS" extension.

3> A Text file.
This program will also output the text from the screen into a text
file format, for importing into other programs and for copying to the
printer. The output file will have the same filename but will have the
extension of ".TXT".

This program edits "PIC" files. The program will give you a mirror
image of the pic file in ansi format. But the program can not read in
an ANSI file. To achieve this, you can convert your ansi screen into a
PIC file with the included utility. ANSI-PIC.COM. Type in ANSI-PIC, a
space, and the ansi file you want to convert. The ansi file will be
typed on your screen, and when the ansi file is done, it will make a
screen dump file of the screen. The output file will have the same
name but will have a ".PIC" extension.

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