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PC-Write handy utilities, DCA conversion, Font Selector, Macros and the Pagemaker filter.
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PC-Write handy utilities, DCA conversion, Font Selector, Macros and the Pagemaker filter.
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PBS.BAT 34 34 stored
PBS.TXT 2170 1062 deflated
PCW-CONV.ZIP 120583 119215 deflated
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PCW-MACS.ZIP 27684 19356 deflated
PCW-PGMK.ZIP 12806 12590 deflated

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Contents of the PBS.TXT file

The PC-Write utilities, DCA Conversion (PCW-CONV), Font Selector
(PCW-FONT), PW-Write Macros (PCW-MACS), and PageMaker filter (PCW-PGMK)
have been provided on this disk in an archived form in order to save
space and to keep the files together. In order to retrieve the files:

With a 2-floppy system:

1) Put a blank (formatted) disk in the B: drive - See the inside back
cover of the Public Brand Software catalog for preparation information.

2) At the A> prompt, issue the command PKXARC PCW-CONV B:

With a hard disk system:

1) Prepare a subdirectory for the data C> MD\NEWDIR
(NEWDIR is any name you wish -
or pick an existing subdirectory)

2) Go to that new subdirectory C> CD\NEWDIR

3) Issue the command C> A:PKXARC A:PCW-CONV

Repeat the above for the other .ARC files on the disk.

On some PC Jr's or computers with limited memory the program PKXARCJR
will work better than PKXARC, in this case substitute PKXARCJR for
PKXARC in the instructions above.


The documentation files on this disk can be identified by their
extensions of .DOC, .TXT, or names like README.

These can be viewed with the PBS-VIEW program such as PBS-VIEW PBS.TXT
or shown on the screen with the TYPE command such as TYPE PBS.TXT
or copied to the printer with the COPY command such as COPY PBS.TXT PRN


Thanks for your support of our services.

Public Brand Software, P.O. Box 51315, Indianapolis IN 46251

A complete catalog of Shareware and Public Domain software is
available by calling 1-800-IBM-DISK (voice) 24 hours a day
or 1-317-856-1001 in Indiana.

Please respect each authors copyright, license, and registration
agreements. If this software saves you even an hour of work, then it is
certainly worth compensating the author for the many hours of work spent
writing the software.

If this documentation scrolled off the screen faster than you could read
it, it can be printed by the command:

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