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To Shareware Vendors of PC-Write Advanced Level 4.0

This release has all features of PC-Write 3.0 and Standard Level 2.0.
PC-Write 3.0 has been discontinued.
PC-Write Lite is much smaller, for small machines.
PC-Write Standard Level 2.0 is less expensive, with fewer features.

On-disk documentation is in ED.TUT, plus extensive on-line help.

Distribution Rules:

1. Say in all promotional material that PC-Write is "shareware".
We encourage a longer description of the shareware process.
2. "PC-Write" and "Quicksoft" are registered trademarks;
mark the first use with the circle-R or "(R)".
3. Limit shareware distribution to these countries:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand.
4. Do not distribute the Thesaurus, disk 5. It is not shareware.
Roget's Thesaurus is a product of Houghton Mifflin.
5. Do not modify or delete any files.

You may distribute disks separately and/or compress files.
You may charge any price per disk.

Quicksoft is a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals.
We encourage membership (see ASPINFO.DOC).

In the United Kingdom and Australia, please distribute the versions
of PC-Write from Shareware Publishing and Manaccom, respectively.
They are shareware, with local registration and technical support.

Notes for BBS's:

2. We suggest these filenames for zip'd or arc'd PC-Write 4.01 disks:
1: PCWA401 2: PCWB401 3: PCWC401 4: PCWD401

Registered users receive:

1. The right to use PC-Write Advanced Level 4.0.
2. Current Advanced Level software, with Roget's Thesaurus.
3. The 180-page Reference Manual and 60-page Getting Started booklet.
4. One year of Technical Support, with our quarterly newsletter, and a
20% discount on all Quicksoft products, including updates and support.

Advanced Level requires:

1. One floppy disk drive; hard disk recommended.
2. PC compatible with 330K free memory; 640K total recommended.
3. 200K to 1200K of disk space, depending on options selected.
4. Print Preview requires graphics adapter (CGA, MGA, EGA, or VGA).
5. Supported printer; over 900 printers supported.
6. Works well in a DOS window under Windows; PIF and icon included.

PC-Write Advanced Level 4.0 registration is $89.
Additional user copies, without tech support, $59.
Upgrade from any registered copy of PC-Write, $69.

PC-Write Standard Level has all product features through standard level.
Registration $59, additional users $39, upgrade $49.

Font Selector 2.0, for HP LaserJet users, $24.
Wizard's Kit, 168-page book and disk on advanced customization, $37.
British, French, German, and Spanish spelling files, $19 each.
Technical support (with newsletter), $39 per year.
Supported users receive 20% discount on all prices.

Shipping is $5 for contiguous US, $8 AK/HI/Canada, $19 other.

Washington state orders add 8.2% sales tax.
See also REGISTER.NOW for ordering.
Prices subject to change.

Descriptions for PC-Write Advanced Level:

40 characters:
Easy, powerful, adaptable word processor

58 words:
PC-Write Advanced Level is the adaptable word processor from Quicksoft.
Context-sensitive help, pull-down menus, mouse support, and auto-repage make
it easy to use. Features include column support, multi-file index, TOC, and
endnotes, button bar, mail merge, Roget's Thesaurus, up to 10 windows, and
import/export from WordPerfect, DCA, and ASCII. Extensive customizing options.

248 words:
PC-Write Advanced Level is the adaptable word processor from Quicksoft.
Context-sensitive help, on-line tutorial, pull-down menus, mouse support, and
auto-repage make it easy to use. The Adapt feature lets you add or remove
feature sets depending on your needs; start with core features, then add more
as needed. The pull-down menus change as you adjust feature sets. Even read
about features in Help and instantly adopt them.

Features include Roget's Thesaurus, up to 10 windows, import/export from
WordPerfect, DCA, and ASCII, microspace justify, auto-reformat, auto-repage,
auto-number, multiple column and left/right page layout, multiple-file update
of index, table of contents, and endnotes, mail merge with conditionals, spell
check, customizable button bar, and more. Great for both formatted documents
and ASCII files. Supports over 900 printers; tops for LaserJets.

Set over 200 customizing options with the Adapt feature and Customizer menus,
in areas such as editing, keyboard use, screen display, and file handling.
Easily tailor PC-Write to your preferences. The optional Wizard's Kit tells
how to set many more options, how to change the menus, print control files,
and internal program notes.

Runs on IBM PC's and compatibles with 330 KB free. Great for laptop users.
$89 registration includes disks, Getting Started booklet, Reference Manual,
License to Use, technical support for one year, quarterly newsletter and 20%
discount on all Quicksoft products. PC-Write Standard Level product is also
available for $59. The Wizard's Kit is $37.

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