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Contents of the TUTORIAL.DOC file

219 First Ave.N #200
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 658-0000 1-800-324-1021

July 16, 1991

Marcia Winslow
Special Events Coordinator
300 Stone Avenue Way
Seattle, WA 98067

Re: Proposal for transportation for August 2-4 Buyer's Seminar

Dear Ms. Winslow:

Thank you for working with us to define the transportation needs
of your Buyer's Seminar. The transportation proposal you
requested is enclosed.

In a project involving so many people there will be last-minite
changes, so we want to increase your flexibility. Therefore, you
many cancel limosines at no charge on two hours notice; we will
not require the 24 hours mentioned in your letter of July 10.
Similarly, buses may be cancelled without charge on three days
notice, not ten days.

We will of course follow your wishes regarding pickup at SEATAC,
but we feel it is our responsibility to KLEIN FASHIONS to advise
you against the idea of assigning one limousine to pick up two or
three people arriving within 10-15 minutes of each other. Our
twenty years of experience tell us this looks good on paper, but
won't work. Why not?

*Planes arrive early and late. There is no way to know
sufficiently in advance which buyers will actually
arrive within 10-15 minutes of each other.

*Arrival time refers to touchdown on the runway. The
plane taxis to a jetway (if one is available),
passengers deplane, and baggage is unloaded and sent to
a luggage carousel (if available). This process can take
from ten minutes to one hour. Passengers who arrive
within one minute of each other frequently end up ready
to leave the airport 45 minutes apart.

KLEIN FASHIONS' purpose in picking up the buyers by limousine is to
create a favorable initial impression. We want to help you do
this, but having a buyer wait an extra half hour for someone
else's luggage will work against our efforts. Of course, where
passengers are coming in on the same flight, we should pick them
up as a group.

Sending limousines to meet each incoming flight will eliminate the
need for most coordinators beyond the first, complimentary, one.
Drivers will meet buyers at the gate, conduct them to the luggage
area, help them with their luggage, and escort them into their
limousines. By eliminating the need for most coordinators,
providing the buyers the greatest comfort and convenience will
also produce savings for you.

None of the above points applies to taking buyers from the hotel
to the airport on August 4 or thereafter. When departure times
are close, please group buyers to maximize your savings by using
as few limos as possible.

Please call me or Lucia Sabatini if you have questions about any
point in our proposal.

Our whole team at Avanti Livery Lines in looking forward to
helping you and KLEIN FASHIONS make the Buyer's Seminar a great

Sincerely yours,

Nicholas Avanti


Submitted to: Marcia Winslow, Special Events Coordinator

Submitted by: Avanti Livery Lines, Inc. (Lucia Sabatini, Manager)

Date submitted: July 16, 1991

Overall purpose

To create a favorable impression among KLEIN FASHIONS' guests by
meeting their transportation needs with comfort, convenience,

courtesy, and luxury, from the moment they arrive at the airport,
until the moment they leave for home.

Schedule of services

August 2, 1991
We will pick up the buyers on their arrival at SEATAC in stretch
limousines or luxury sedans. (We will create a pickup schedule
based on the flight arrival information you have already provided
and changes, additions, and deletions you will provide.) A driver
or coordinator will meet buyers at the gate, escort them to
baggage claim, assist them with their luggage, and escort them to
their limousine. The driver will then take the buyers to the
Westin Hotel.

About 5 p.m. (exact time to be specified by KLEINS FASHIONS): We
will provide deluxe buses (seating up to 49 people) to transport
approximately 170 guests from the hotel to Ray's Boathouse
Restaurant, in Ballard. The buses will park and await the end of
the evening's program, about 9:00 p.m. The buses will then
transport your guests back to their hotel. A coordinator will
assist your guests in boarding the buses at the hotel and will
dispatch the buses to Ray's. He will perform the same function at
the restaurant for the return trip.

August 3, 1991
About 6:00 p.m. (exact time to be specified by KLEIN FASHIONS):
We will provide deluxe buses to pick up approximately 175 guests
at the Westin Hotel and transport them to the Seattle Center. The
buses will park at the designated parking area and wait until
about 10:00 p.m., when the guests will be transported back to
their hotel. A coordinator will assist your guests in boarding
the buses at the hotel and will dispatch the buses to the Seattle
Center. He will perform the same functions at the Center for the
return trip.

August 4, 1991
For guests staying later than August 4, we will provide the same
service described under August 4. KLEINS FASHIONS will provide a
schedule of departure times for each day.

August 5 through August 9
We will pick up the buyers and transport them to SEATAC in
stretch limousines or luxury sedans. KLEINS FASHIONS will provide a
schedule of departure times before August 4.


Each coordinator and each limousine or luxury sedan driver will
wear a black or dark-blue suit, white shirt, black tie, and black

Each driver is an experienced, licensed chauffeur.


Stretch limousines are 1990 or 1991 Cadillacs or Lincolns. Each
has a bar, a cellular telephone, air-conditioning, and luxurious

Luxury sedans are 1990 or 1991 Cadillac Fleetwoods or Lincoln
Town Cars. Each is air-conditioned, luxuriously appointed, and
equipped with a cellular telephone.

Avanti Livery Lines, Inc.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit this proposal. We have
served KLEIN FASHIONS for years, so you are familiar with our
high-quality, cost-effective, reliable service. We value our
association with you, and we are confident that we can help make
your Buyer's Seminar a success.

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