Category : Word Processors
Archive   : PCWA401A.ZIP
Filename : ED.HNT

Output of file : ED.HNT contained in archive : PCWA401A.ZIP
2001:Adjust PC-Write to your needs||>a
2002:Temporarily set level of every feature set to maximum||>aa
2003:Return level of every feature to profile||>aa
2004:Permanently change look and feel of PC-Write, change printer||>ac
2005:Remember and replay keystrokes||>ak
2006:Save or remove remembered keystrokes in button||>akb
2007:Save remembered keystrokes in button (record keys first)||>akba
2008:Delete button from button bar||>akbr
2009:Stop temporarily remembering keystrokes||>akr
2010:Stop remembering keystrokes, make them repeat when played||>ako
2011:Save or remove keystrokes remembered in single key||>akk
2012:Save remembered keystrokes in single key (record keys first)||>akka
2013:Make one key type same key more than once||>akkk
2014:Show key, then operation code for keys when typed||>akkn
2015:Remove remembered keystrokes from single key||>akku
2016:Replay remembered keystrokes||>akp
2017:Start temporarily remembering keystrokes||>akr
2018:Adjust level of feature sets||>ap
2019:Set this level of edit features||>ape
2020:Set this level of file features||>apf
2021:Set this level of layout features||>apl
2022:Set this level of layout spacing/font features||>aplf
2023:Set this level of layout margin features||>aplm
2024:Set this level of layout paging features||>aplp
2025:Set this level of layout reference features||>aplr
2026:Set this level of print merge features||>apm
2027:Set this level of print features||>app
2028:Set this level of search features||>aps
2029:Set this level of tool features||>apt
2030:Set this level of view features||>apv
2031:Set this level of adapt features||>apa
2032:Load edit control file (ed.def)||>ar
2033:Store levels of feature sets in edit control file (ed.def)||>as
2034:Adjust what is shown at top of screen while editing||>at
2035:Show button bar||>atb
2036:Show reminder about menu items and buttons||>ath
2037:Show main menu bar||>atm
2038:Show current Ruler line||>atr
2039:Show Status line||>ats
2040:Type abbreviations in document, program expands them||>au
2041:Expand abbreviations of words as you type||>aua
2042:Stop recognizing and expanding abbreviations||>aua
2043:Load list of abbreviations and their expanded forms||>aul
2044:Adjust what happens while editing||>aw
2045:Adjust what happens automatically while editing||>awa
2046:Automatically verify spelling of words as you type||>awac
2047:Automatically break pages as you edit||>awap
2048:Automatically rewrap paragraphs to indents as you type||>awar
2049:Automatically expand abbreviations of words as you type||>awas
2050:Automatically wrap text in document to indents as you type||>awaw
2051:Conceal layout information (Guide Lines, Font Characters)||>awh
2052:New character replaced at cursor||>awo
2053:New character inserts left of cursor||>awp
2054:Reveal layout information (Guide Lines, Font Characters)||>aws
2055:Boldface selected text||>lf
2056:Select buttons with arrow key, mouse, or first letter||bbr
2057:Jump to next page||bdp
2058:Scroll forward one screen||bds
2059:Underline selected text||>lf
2060:Jump to prior page||bup
2061:Scroll backward one screen||bus
2062:Select and change text||>e
2063:Select rectangle of text (boxing)||>eb
2064:Always box full column width, push/pull rest of column vertically||>ebc
2065:Stretch boxing to text at cursor||>ebbx
2066:Finish boxing text at cursor (boxed)||>ebbe
2067:Begin boxing text at cursor||>ebbs
2068:Unselect boxed text||>ebu
2069:Stretch boxing from top to bottom of document||>ebv
2070:Duplicate selected text to cursor (select text first)||>ec
2071:Erase selected text||>ed
2072:No selected text||>ed
2073:Transfer text to/from other document||>ef
2074:Add selected text to end of other document (select text first)||>efa
2075:Write selected text over other document (select text first)||>efc
2076:Copy text from other document to cursor||>efi
2077:Operate on text in temporary storage area||>eh
2078:Add selected text to end of temporary storage area||>eha
2079:Write selected text over temporary storage area||>ehc
2080:Delete all text in temporary storage area (if any)||>ehe
2081:Put text from temporary storage area at cursor (if any)||>ehi
2082:Insert text selected from other document to cursor||>eht
2083:Put something at cursor||>ei
2084:Add up numbers in boxed area, put total at line below box||>eib
2085:Put date at cursor||>eid
2086:Insert box draw characters just inside boxed text||>eif
2087:Insert dashed border inside boxed text||>eifa
2088:Insert double-line border inside boxed text||>eifd
2089:Erase border inside boxed text||>eifr
2090:Insert single-line border inside boxed text||>eifs
2091:Change case of character at cursor or marked text||>el
2092:Reverse upper/lower case of character or marked text||>els
2093:Make character or marked text all capitals||>elu
2094:Transport selected text to cursor (select text first)||>em
2095:Select whole or partial lines of text (marking)||>es
2096:Mark entire document||>esd
2097:Mark line at cursor||>esl
2098:Begin marking text at cursor||>esms
2099:Finish marking text at cursor (marked)||>esme
2100:Stretch marking to text at cursor||>esmx
2101:Mark paragraph at cursor||>esp
2102:Mark sentence at cursor||>ess
2103:Unselect marked text||>esu
2104:No selected text||>esu
2105:Mark word at cursor||>esw
2106:Reverse last operation of selected text||>eu
2107:Erase last copy of selected text (must still be selected)||>euc
2108:Reverse last delete of text (must still be in hold area)||>eud
2109:Reverse last move of selected text (must still be selected)||>eum
2110:Store or retrieve document on disk, or quit PC-Write||>f
2111:Change document format to/from PC-Write||>fc
2112:Write new document in other format||>fce
2113:Write new document in DCA format||>fced
2114:Write new document with only ASCII characters and line breaks||>fceh
2115:Write new document with only ASCII characters and paragraph breaks||>fces
2116:Write new document in WordPerfect format||>fcew
2117:Change document to PC-Write format and open it||>fci
2118:Change DCA document to PC-Write format and open it||>fcid
2119:Change Wordstar text to PC-Write format and open it||>fcih
2120:Update prior PC-Write document and open it||>fcio
2121:Change WordPerfect document to PC-Write format and open it||>fciw
2122:Temporarily exit, then return to document||>fd
2123:Temporarily exit to program, then return to this document||>fdr
2124:Temporarily exit to DOS||>fds
2125:Document not changed, leave PC-Write||>fe
2126:Store changes on disk, leave PC-Write||>fe
2127:Pick document from disk directory||>fl
2128:Show file names in disk directory||>fml
2129:Operate on documents on disk||>fm
2130:Duplicate this document to another on disk||>fmc
2131:Change current DOS drive and/or directory||>fmd
2132:Delete a document on disk||>fme
2133:Use this directory to find documents||>fmn
2134:Get summary document listing to write comments||>fmo
2135:Change name of a document on disk||>fmr
2136:Use this name when storing document on disk||>fn
2137:This document will not be stored on disk||>fe
2138:Get document from disk, or create new document||>fo
2139:Store document on disk now||>fs
2140:Restore document as last saved on disk (if changes made)||>fu
2141:Restore document as last saved, then leave PC-Write||>fue
2142:Do not save document changes||>fu
2143:Restore document as last saved, continue editing||>fus
2144:Get more detailed information||>h
2145:Get help on text or operation at cursor||>hc
2146:Show the main topics of help||>hi
2147:Read and try examples||>ht
2148:Format look of document when printed||>l
2149:Set appearance of text when printed||>lf
2150:Set appearance of text from paragraph forward with cursor||>lfb
2151:Set appearance of text from top of all columns across||>lfc
2152:Surround marked text with font change||>lf
2153:Set appearance of every line in marked text (mark text first)||>lfb
2154:Set appearance of current column text||>lfc
2155:Set appearance of every line of selected column text||>lfc
2156:Marked, non-column boxed, or non-standard column text present||>lfc
2157:Set appearance of all text in document (not if text selected)||>lfd
2158:Set character enhancement||>lfe
2159:Printer can't enhance character||>lfe
2160:Set appearance of text in footnotes (not if text selected)||>lff
2161:Set appearance of text in headers and footers (not if text selected)||>lfh
2162:Set appearance of next few words to be typed (with font characters)||>lfl
2163:Set this character shape||>lft
2164:Set this character enhancement||>lfe
2165:Set appearance of marked text (with font characters)||>lfl
2166:Set appearance of selected text (with font characters)||>lfl
2167:Set character width or height of text||>lfs
2168:Printer can't change width or height of text||>lfs
2169:Set character shape when printed||>lft
2170:Printer can't change character shape||>lft
2171:Position text on pages||>lm
2172:Position text horizontally based on Ruler line||>lma
2173:Anchor character at cursor to Ruler position||>lmaa
2174:Anchor left edge of boxed text to Ruler position||>lmaa
2175:Marked text present||>lmaa
2176:Move text left by Slide count (remove only spaces)||>lmal
2177:Move text right by Slide count (add spaces)||>lmar
2178:Move text this many Ruler line positions||>lmas
2179:Position text in separate columns||>lmc
2180:Force line at cursor line to end all columns||>lmcb
2181:Set number of columns of same width||>lmce
2182:Combine neighboring columns to make text wrap as one||>lmcj
2183:No second column to combine||>lmcj
2184:Combine text in these two columns||>lmcj
2185:Column Ruler has been altered or does not match menu standard||>lmcn
2186:Set this width for each position in Ruler for all columns||>lmcr
2187:Set this space between columns||>lmcs
2188:Position one different width column at page edge||>lmcu
2189:Place different width column at inner page edge||>lmcui
2190:Place different width column at left page edge||>lmcul
2191:Place different width column at outer page edge||>lmcuo
2192:Place different width column at right page edge||>lmcur
2193:Set this space between different width column and other columns||>lmcus
2194:Set this horizontal dimension for different width column||>lmcuw
2195:Set this horizontal dimension for each same width column||>lmcw
2196:Reserve space inside margins for paragraphs (shown on screen)||>lmi
2197:Reserve this extra space on left of first line||>lmif
2198:Reserve this space on left of all lines||>lmil
2199:Reserve this space on right of all lines||>lmir
2200:Set atypical paragraph format||>lmiv
2201:Wrap text to prior line's indent (first line more indented)||>lmivi
2202:Line up paragraph label (number, bullet, heading) at leftmost character||>lmivl
2203:Paragraph format is not atypical||>lmivn
2204:Wrap text to prior line's indent (first line less indented)||>lmivo
2205:Line up paragraph label (number, bullet, heading) at rightmost character||>lmivr
2206:Reserve white space on edges of pages (not shown on screen)||>lmp
2207:Reserve this space at bottom of pages||>lmpx
2208:Reserve this extra space at top of first page||>lmpf
2209:Reserve white space at edges of headers and footers||>lmph
2210:Reserve this space at left of header/footer lines||>lmphl
2211:Reserve this space at right of header/footer lines||>lmphr
2212:Reserve this space at left of pages||>lmpx
2213:Set document position on paper||>lmpp
2214:Reserve this extra space for fastening pages||>lmppb
2215:Place text across long dimension of paper||>lmppl
2216:Place text across short dimension of paper||>lmppp
2217:Set open book format for pages (mirror fastening area)||>lmppr
2218:Reserve this space at right of pages||>lmpx
2219:Set dimension of paper||>lmps
2220:Set this vertical dimension of paper||>lmpsl
2221:Set this horizontal dimension of paper||>lmpsw
2222:Reserve this space at top of pages||>lmpx
2223:Rewrap text to left and right paragraph indents||>lmr
2224:Automatically rewrap paragraphs to indents as you type||>lmra
2225:Force line at cursor line to be end of paragraph||>lmrb
2226:End paragraph, spread text evenly from left to right indents||>lmrbj
2227:End paragraph, force line to left indent||>lmrbr
2228:Change whether paragraphs rewrap||>lmrc
2229:Always rewrap paragraphs from cursor onward||>lmrca
2230:Always rewrap selected paragraphs||>lmrc
2231:Never rewrap selected paragraphs||>lmrc
2232:Never rewrap paragraphs, from cursor onward||>lmrcn
2233:Rewrap paragraphs according to auto-reformat mode||>lmrcu
2234:Rewrap all paragraphs to indents||>lmrd
2235:Rewrap selected paragraphs to indents||>lmrm
2236:Rewrap paragraph at cursor to indents||>lmrp
2237:Automatically end line at right as you type||>lmrw
2238:Set form of text paragraphs||>lms
2239:Format line(s) of text without adding Soft Spaces||>lmsa
2240:Place line(s) halfway between left/right indent (add spaces)||>lmsac

2241:Force line(s) to right indent (add spaces)||>lmsaf
2242:Spread line(s) evenly from left to right indent (add spaces)||>lmsaj
2243:Force line(s) to left indent (remove spaces on right)||>lmsar
2244:Add spaces at cursor until line(s) reach left/right indents||>lmsas
2245:Place text halfway between left/right indents (add Soft Spaces)||>lmsc
2246:Force text to right indent (add Soft Spaces)||>lmsf
2247:Spread text evenly from left to right indents (add Soft Spaces)||>lmsj
2248:Force text to left indent||>lmsr
2249:Expand existing Soft Spaces until text reaches left/right indents||>lmss
2250:Set distance between tab stops||>lmt
2251:Set this distance between all tab stops||>lmtt
2252:Change Ruler line||>lmu
2253:Change settings in Ruler||>lmue
2254:Set this width for each position in Ruler||>lmur
2255:Break document into pages||>lp
2256:Automatically break pages as you edit||>lpa
2257:Manually break pages when you repage||>lpa
2258:Break pages one at a time, look at each break||>lpb
2259:Shift screen down one line on page||>lpbd
2260:Break, adjust blank lines to end of page||>lpbf
2261:Change this Soft Break to Hard Break, or vice versa||>lpbh
2262:Break at bottom of page (insert Soft break)||>lpbi
2263:Move break down one line||>lpbl
2264:Jump to next page break||>lpbn
2265:Jump to last page break||>lpbp
2266:Move break up one line||>lpbs
2267:Shift screen up one line on page||>lpbu
2268:Break entire document into pages (insert Soft Breaks)||>lpd
2269:Break page according to special conditions||>lpf
2270:Always break page to prevent isolated text line at bottom||>lpfa
2271:Break page if needed to keep marked or boxed lines together||>lpfd
2272:Break page if needed to keep this number of lines together||>lpfk
2273:Break page twice if needed to make next page odd (not if text selected)||>lpfl
2274:Break page twice if needed to make next page even (not if text selected)||>lpfr
2275:Break page at cursor||>lpi
2276:Break column and page permanently at cursor||>lpic
2277:Break page permanently at cursor (insert Hard Break)||>lpih
2278:Break page temporarily at cursor (insert Soft Break)||>lpis
2279:Break selected text into pages (insert Soft Breaks)||>lpm
2280:Number for next page is this number plus current page number||>lpn
2281:Reset to this number, starting with current page (not if text marked)||>lpp
2282:Remove all pagebreaks in document||>lpr
2283:Include related text not in body of document||>lr
2284:Insert sequential number in series||>lra
2285:Reset to first number in series||>lraf
2286:Put number from specific series||>lrai
2287:Put number from series with spaces||>lraib
2288:Put number from series with colons||>lraic
2289:Put number from series with periods||>lraid
2290:Put number from series in parentheses||>lraip
2291:Put number from superscripted series||>lrais
2292:Increment to next sequential number in series||>lran
2293:Duplicate current number in series||>lrar
2294:Resequence all series of numbers||>lrau
2295:Make text into normal content of document||>lrb
2296:Make list of document headings and their page numbers||>lrc
2297:Put line at cursor and its location in table of contents||>lrct
2298:Make text into endnote copied to end of document||>lre
2299:Make text into footnote printed at bottom of page||>lrf
2300:Put text at top/bottom of pages (not shown on screen)||>lrh
2301:Edit text to include on header or footer line||>lrhc
2302:Put line of text at bottom of pages||>lrhf
2303:Put line of text at top of pages||>lrhh
2304:Skip printing header/footer for this page only||>lrhs
2305:Skip printing text at bottom of this page only||>lrhsf
2306:Skip printing text at top of this page only||>lrhsh
2307:Put header or footer on both even and odd numbered pages||>lrhxa
2308:Put this many blank lines between header or footer and body text||>lrhxb
2309:Put header or footer on lefthand (even) pages only||>lrhxl
2310:More than two header or footer lines present||>lrhxm
2311:Put no header or footer lines on these pages||>lrhxn
2312:Put header or footer on righthand (odd) pages only||>lrhxr
2313:Set content of header or footer line||>lrhxx
2314:Put page number in middle of line||>lrhxxc
2315:Put date on left and text on right of line||>lrhxxd
2316:Put page number on right of line||>lrhxxf
2317:Put no text on line||>lrhxxn
2318:Put text on left of line||>lrhxxo
2319:Put text on left and page number on right of line||>lrhxxt
2320:Make alphabetical list of document words and their page numbers||>lri
2321:Jump forward to word found in index list||>lrin
2322:Stop search for index words||>lrinm
2323:Jump backward to word found in index list||>lrip
2324:Put word at cursor and its location in index||>lrit
2325:Put selected words and their location in index||>lrit
2326:Load list of index words to search for||>lriwl
2327:Save words added to index list||>lriws
2328:Format endnotes and footnotes (not if text selected)||>lrn
2329:Set place for endnotes when document composed of sequential files)||>lrne
2330:Put endnotes at end of each document file in sequence||>lrnee
2331:Put endnotes at end of final document file in sequence||>lrnew
2332:Set footnote separator (not shown on screen)||>lrnf
2333:Put empty line between footnotes and body of document||>lrnfb
2334:Put no separator between footnotes and body of document||>lrnfn
2335:Put dashed line between footnotes and body of document||>lrnfs
2336:Insert other text at cursor or when printing||>lrs
2337:Insert line of non-printing text||>lrsc
2338:Make every line selected non-printable||>lrsc
2339:Insert processed graphic file when printing ||>lrsp
2340:Pause here when printing to insert line of text (not if text selected)||>lrsu
2341:Recreate and place endnotes, index, and TOC||>lru
2342:Set vertical distance of, and gap between lines||>ls
2343:Print lines with one gap between them||>lsd
2344:Set line height for footnotes (not if text selected)||>lsf
2345:Set height of note lines to one eighth inch||>lsfn
2346:Set height of note lines to one sixth inch||>lsfr
2347:Set height of note lines to match rest of document||>lsfs
2348:Set height of note lines to one quarter inch||>lsfw
2349:Set line height for headers and footers (not if text selected)||>lsh
2350:Set height of header/footer lines to one eighth inch||>lshn
2351:Set height of header/footer lines to one sixth inch||>lshr
2352:Set height of header/footer lines to match rest of document||>lshs
2353:Set height of header/footer lines to one quarter inch||>lshw
2354:Reserve vertical space at cursor (not if text selected)||>lsi
2355:Set this vertical distance before next line only||>lsie
2356:Reserve this vertical space for item affixed later||>lsip
2357:Set distance between lines more finely||>lsm
2358:Set distance between blank lines only||>lsmb
2359:Set distance between text lines only||>lsmt
2360:No printer picked||>lsm
2361:Set distance between lines to one eighth inch||>lsn
2362:Set distance between lines to one sixth inch||>lsr
2363:Print lines with no gap between them||>lss
2364:Print lines with two gaps between them||>lst
2365:Set distance between lines to one quarter inch||>lsw
2366:Restore items changed in layout menu||>lu
2367:Restore all changed items||>lu
2368:Send document to printer||>p
2369:Print every page of document||>pa
2370:Print text marked in document||>pam
2371:Print example page showing your fonts||>pf
2372:Combine list of records with template document||>pm
2373:Combine all records in list with template document||>pma
2374:Combine all records in list from here on||>pmar
2375:Combine records one by one with template document||>pmo
2376:Make changes to combined record (displayed on screen)||>pmoe
2377:Combine next record, display on screen||>pmoi
2378:Send combination (displayed on screen) to printer||>pmop
2379:Go back to editing||>pmoq
2380:Combine single record, display on screen||>pmot
2381:Specify output and format options||>pms
2382:Specify that commas end fields in one-line records||>pmsc
2383:Specify file containing list of records to be combined||>pmi
2384:Specify that lines are fields in multi-line records||>pmsl
2385:Specify this many lines make one record||>pmslf
2386:Specify that combined documents go to disk||>pmsm
2387:Specify disk file name for combined documents||>pmsmo
2388:Specify that combined documents go to printer||>pmsp
2389:Print one or more specific pages||>pr
2390:Print both even and odd numbered pages||>prb
2391:Print only even numbered pages||>pre
2392:Print only even or only odd numbered pages||>pre
2393:Start with this page||>prf
2394:End with this page||>prl
2395:Print only odd numbered pages||>pro
2396:Print pages specified||>prr
2397:Print first page specified||>prs
2398:Specify printing options||>ps
2399:Mechanically feed single-sheet paper to printer (if printer can)||>psb
2400:Reprint each page this many times||>psc
2401:Print document to disk rather than paper (include printer codes)||>psf
2402:Always use this printer definition (pr.def file) with document||>psl
2403:Make of printer||>psm
2404:Model of printer||>psm
2405:Use this printer definition (pr.def file) temporarily||>psr
2406:Manually feed single-sheet paper to printer (if printer can)||>pss
2407:Mechanically feed continuous-form paper to printer (if printer can)||>pst
2408:Send text directly to printer||>pt
2409:Eject page from printer||>ptf
2410:Reserve this space at left of printed text||>pti
2411:Send line in document to printer||>ptl
2412:Send selected lines in document to printer||>ptl
2413:Type text to send to printer||>ptu
2414:Print document on screen rather than paper (shown reduced size)||>pv
2415:Find and replace text, jump to locations||>s
2416:Remember or return to spot in document||>sb
2417:Remember final spot when leaving PC-Write, jump there upon returning||>sbe
2418:Return to remembered spot||>sbj
2419:Remember spot at cursor||>sbt
2420:Jump to last line in document||>se
2421:Go to other spots in document||>sj
2422:Return to spot of last jump||>sjl
2423:Go to next formatting or extended character||>sjn
2424:Jump to specific spot in document||>sl
2425:Jump to this character number on line||>sl
2426:Jump to this line number in document (guide lines count)||>sl
2427:Jump to spot on page||>sl
2428:Jump to this line number on page||>sl
2429:Jump to this page number||>sl
2430:Mark to next character paired with character at cursor||>sm
2431:Jump to first occurrence of Find Text after cursor (must setup first)||>sn
2432:Jump to first occurrence of Find Text before cursor (must setup first)||>sp
2433:Locate Find Text, change it to Replace Text (must setup first)||>sr
2434:Find all occurrences after cursor, change them||>sra
2435:Find all occurrences in document, change them||>sre
2436:Reverse setup of Find Text and Replace Text||>srf
2437:Find next occurrence after cursor, change it||>sro
2438:Find all occurrences in selected text, change them (select text first)||>srs
2439:Restore last occurrence changed||>sru
2440:Specify text to find or replace||>ss
2441:Jump to first line in document||>st
2442:Perform other operations on text||>t
2443:Interpret contents of document||>ta
2444:Count words in, compute statistics about document or marked text||>taw
2445:Adjust characters in document or marked text||>tc
2446:Delete extra blanks at end of lines||>tce
2447:Add carriage return to line feeds as needed||>tcl
2448:Retain only pure ASCII characters (remove formatting)||>tcn
2449:Change leading blanks to tabs||>tcs
2450:Change tabs to blanks||>tct
2451:Look up definitions and synonyms for words||>tm
2452:Look up and use synonyms for word at cursor||>tmt
2453:Verify and correct spelling of words||>ts
2454:Automatically verify spelling of words as you type||>tsa
2455:Manually verify spelling of words when requested||>tsa
2456:Verify spelling of word at cursor||>tsc
2457:Suggest correct spelling of word at cursor||>tsg
2458:Use non-standard word lists||>tsl
2459:Use list other than WORDS.CAT||>tslc
2460:Load other catch list||>tslcl
2461:Save caught words||>tslcs
2462:Use list other than WORDS.SKP||>tsls
2463:Load other skip list||>tslsl
2464:Save skipped words||>tslss
2465:Use list other than WORDS.USE||>tslu
2466:Load other user list||>tslul
2467:Save added words||>tslus
2468:Verify spelling of words from cursor forward||>tsn
2469:Verify spelling of words from cursor backward||>tsp
2470:Designate word at cursor as misspelled||>tsw
2471:Change what's shown on screen||>v
2472:Remove subscreen from screen (if screen split)||>vc
2473:Increase size of subscreen (if screen split)||>vg
2474:Increase subscreen by closing another (if screen split)||>vge
2475:Increase subscreen to full screen by closing all others||>vgs
2476:Increase subscreen to maximum by reducing all others||>vgz
2477:Decrease subscreen from maximum by increasing all others||>vgz
2478:Split screen into new subscreens (not if zoomed)||>vo
2479:Show another document in new subscreen||>von
2480:Show current document in new subscreen||>vos
2481:Go to another subscreen (if screen split)||>vp
2482:Go to next lower subscreen||>vpd
2483:Go to next higher subscreen||>vpu
2484:Select menu items with arrow key, mouse, or first letter||>x
2485:Your profile does not allow for this feature||>a

  3 Responses to “Category : Word Processors
Archive   : PCWA401A.ZIP
Filename : ED.HNT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: