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A folding text editor.
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A folding text editor.
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Contents of the README file

FOLDED 0.9a Initial Release

After you read this note, I strongly recommend that you at least scan
through the documentation file (folded.doc) before using the editor.
FOLDED is very easy to use, but some of the concepts may be different
than those you are used to in 'vi' or 'emacs' style of editors.

This is the first release of FOLDED and, as such, please use it with
care (i.e. don't do 8 hours worth of typing without a single save). This
version has survived some rigorous testing by myself and I have used it
for a month on my BSD 4.2 system without a crash, but I am sure there will
be some surprises no matter how much I test it out. For the 1.0 release,
I will be going through the code and putting in extra 'crash prevention'
routines (and more signal and out of memory traps). At that time I will
also be adding some better code documentation.

This version could use improvements in the following areas:

1) MGR support (mouse and font selection). Note, I think I have the
current version hardcoded for high resolution Sun workstations. I
don't have access to a Sun anymore, so can't check much out.
2) Better screen management. Slow terminal users are going to hate the
way I do things. Also, I have to improve the way ctrl characters are
handled (and in a related vein, how terminals like my Wyse 50 utilize
reverse video...the terminal takes up a screen position just to turn
reverse video/bold on or off.)
3) Alternate way of handling Tabs. Currently, files are detabified on
input and optionally retabified on output. Works great unless you
are editing a shar'ed Makefile which has X's at the beginning of
each line :-(.
4) Keybinding routine...I just haven't made up my mind as to the best
way to allow keybindings. I may put that off until the version that
allows mode toggling (i.e. vi-like dual mode to emacs like single mode).
5) Edit buffer<->shell toggling. I need to learn more about pty's or pipes
before I try this.
6) Macro capability...maybe external program usage as well as multi-key
7) Some sort of easy to use regular expression parsing on searches and
replaces. Any suggestions?

I am sure there are other things...let me know if you have any suggestions.


To compile folded, change the Makefile and config.h to reflect your system.
By default, things will compile to BSD 4.2/4.3. Check out the comments in
the Makefile and config.h for more info.

-Todd Burkey
[email protected]

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