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PC-Browse Version 1.00

Welcome to PC-Browse! The full manual is on the Reference disk. If you only
have this Program diskette, you can learn PC-Browse from the Help screens.
To load PC-Browse, enter one of these commands from DOS:
BR [for a monochrome monitor]
BR /C [for a color monitor]

After loading it, press the Shift, Ctrl, and F1 keys all at once to pop it up.
Then press F1 to get the first Help screen. Use the Tab key to select a topic,
and Enter to jump to it. PC-Browse only needs the BR.EXE file, but to see the
Help you need the BR.HLP, BTUT.BRS, and BREF.BRS files. The other files on this
disk have alternate screen colors and sample applications.

You'll need to register, or get a full manual, to use PC-Browse effectively.

This is the very first release of PC-Browse. There are a few known problems,
all minor. Sometimes you need to press a key an extra time, for example when
pasting text into PC-Write twice in a row. Occasionally a message is not clear.
We do expect to fix these and any other problems in the next version. Please
give us a call if you find any problems: 206-282-0452. Thank you!