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Welcome to PC-Style, version 1.1

| This is "User Supported Software" (Shareware). |
| This remarkable revolution in software distribution |
| was co-pioneered in 1982 by Jim Button and Andrew |
| Fluegelman. It has become a major force in the |
| software industry, helping to drive software prices |
| down and to eliminate copy protection schemes. |

PC-Style helps you write better by analyzing the readability and tone
of your writing. PC-Style is easy to use, too. You'll want to read
the manual on this disk. To read the manual, just put this diskette
in the "A:" drive and type A:README To get a printed version of the
manual, put this diskette in the "A:" drive and type A:PRINT

This version of PC-Style (Version 1.1) has only a few improvements over
the original (Version 1.0):
1. If invoked by PC-Type+, it can analyze the document directly
in memory.
2. Hard copy printing of the report is always a user option. It
used to happen automatically from batch mode.
3. The on-disk manual has been reorganized, eliminating the
numerous batch and text files that were previously necessary.


You are encouraged to copy the program diskettes and share them freely
with others. You have the luxury of trying out the complete programs,
at your own pace and in the luxury of your own home or workplace. This
is not a crippled or "demo" copy, but the complete working version of
the program.

If, after trying out the programs, you decide to continue to use them,
you are trusted to purchase the programs from the program's author, or
from an authorized dealer.

Why pay at all? We're glad you asked!
* You receive a CURRENT copy of the program
* One year of technical support - by phone or written
* Notification of updates (and fixes, if required)
* Inexpensive upgrade offers
* Notification of new products
* Your input and ideas help shape future products
* Periodic offers and "deals" (for our customers only)
* Access to the online ButtonWare Bulletin Board, which
- Information and announcements (on line)
- Communication with other ButtonWare users
- More technical support, and helpful tips/pointers
* A sense of pride and ownership, in having honestly
participated in the User Supported Software revolution
* You help to keep software prices down, by supporting a
distribution method which doesn't rely on expensive
advertising campaigns.

So please, dive in and enjoy the fun of sharing good software legally
with your friends and associates. But please be aware of the following
restrictions, designed to protect the community of User Supported
Software users and authors, and to prevent certain greedy people from
taking unfair advantage of the trust, hard work, and good will of User
Supported Software authors:

1. No price or consideration may be charged. However, a distribution
cost may be charged for the cost of the diskette, shipping, and
handling, so long as it's not more than $10 US total.

2. The files and programs on the disks cannot be modified in any way,
and must always be distributed together.

3. The programs cannot be sold as part of some other more inclusive

4. The programs cannot be rented or leased to others.

5. When distributed via computerized bulletin boards or any other
telecommunications link the following must be done:

* X-Modem or some other error checking protocol must be used
* All ButtonWare programs and documentation files must be
transferred in library format. That means the files have
all been combined into one file. You can get assistance with
this procedure from the Technical Support Department at

6. If you're copying the disks for distribution to students in a
classroom, you must provide them with the following written notice:

| These diskettes are distributed to you through the |
| courtesy of your school and instructor, and |
| Jim Button. No royalty or registration fee has |
| been paid for the programs, which are for your use |
| and evaluation as a student. |
| |
| If you wish to receive technical support from |
| ButtonWare, as well as announcements of updates and |
| improvements to the programs, you must first become |
| a registered user. You do that by purchasing |
| each program you plan to use - from an authorized |
| dealer or directly from ButtonWare: |
| |
| ButtonWare |
| P.O. Box 5786 |
| Bellevue, WA 98006 |
| |
| You may also register by calling our toll-free |
| order line, 1-800-JBUTTON. |

I know you'll like PC-Style and the User Supported method of software

Best regards,
Jim Button

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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