Category : Word Processors
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Filename : CHANGE.LOG

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1.00 Custom version; not released to public

2.00 Custom version; not released to public

2.10 First public release

2.20 Provided 2-year automatic registration for registered users
Increased number of variables and literals from 100 to 225
Allowed "=", "THEN" and "ELSE" to improve readability
New commands: SET, ACCEPT
Now possible to trace variables by name (SET POM=var/var/var...)
SET POM=T (older versions) is now specified as SET POM=ALL
Improved documentation (more examples)

2.30 Output (via OUT and OUTEND) can now be more than 255 characters
However, no individual OUT or OUTEND can output a line longer than 255
New commands: PAD, INSERT
Ease-of-use changes
More informative processing display
Variable names are no longer case sensitive
Improved error checking
Added another example to documentation

2.31 MINLEN now supports zero-length lines
Default MINLEN is, however, still "1"

2.32 Fix to CHANGE to correct lock-up when matching single-character string
Added registration via credit card
Added new version of SEE to allow full browsing of wide documents
While tracing, processing display now shows precise line number

2.33 New /Q (quiet) function: type POM /? for explanation
Fixed bug: long output lines (>255) occasionally would lose some text