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Word/desktop Publishing Program.
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Word/desktop Publishing Program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CODES.EXE 30752 22394 deflated
DEMO.TXT 5346 1105 deflated
EPSON.DAT 360 138 deflated
FILECONV.COM 12907 9541 deflated
FILESOND.ISK 5346 301 deflated
PAGEONE.COM 48968 21114 deflated
PAGEONE.DOC 85536 14403 deflated
PRINFILE.COM 18329 12557 deflated
README.TXT 5346 300 deflated
STYLES.DOC 10692 1225 deflated
STYLES.EXE 34614 23883 deflated
TANDY.DAT 252 104 deflated
TOSHIBA.DAT 396 145 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file


To start the program type "pageone" from the dos prompt.

Select the item PRINT A DISK FILE from the main menu.

Set your printer to the top of page and enter "pageone.doc" at the
filename prompt.

This will print out the operators manual, about 16 pages, so be
sure you have enough paper.

Read the manual and begin to create your own files!

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