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Simple text editor, nice for BATch files, includes line drawing.
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Simple text editor, nice for BATch files, includes line drawing.
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Contents of the OEDLIN.DOC file


Welcome to a screen/text editor designed specifically for creating and modifying
Batch Files. It has many other uses and in particular it is ideal for line and
box drawing.OEDLIN allows up to 500 lines to be edited and saved.

Command Summary:
Cursors Keys - are used to move around the screen
- puts cursor at beginning of a line
- puts cursor at the end of a line
- scrolls the screen 1/2 page
- scrolls the screen 1/2 page
- moves cursor to beginning of next line
- toggles insert mode
- deletes single character from current position
- displays help screen for Ctrl- combinations
- displays help screen for Alt- combinations

Command Summary: Ctrl- combinations
- moves to top of text
- moves to end of text
- scrolls the screen 1 page
- scrolls the screen 1 page
tAb - sets margins and tab positions use "\" for left margin,
use "/" for right margin for most applications, use "*"
for files requiring fixed length lines to be saved, and
use "+" for tab positions.
Box - draws lines or boxes in single, double, single/double,
double/single or in any character.
Center - centers line on screen
Delete - deletes entire line, restore line with Put
Exit - exit program and return to DOS
Function - enter DOS functions as you would in DOS
Group - marks area to be grouped for deletion, copying or moving
iNsert - inserts entire line at cursor position
Kill column - deletes entire column to right of cursor
mOve - moves marked group or last area copied or deleted as group.
Load - loads disk file (ASCII)
ASCII files can be loaded automatically from the command
line by entering OEDLIN
Put - puts last line deleted or copied at cursor location
Read - reads single screen saved with BSAVE
Save - saves file to disk as ASCII
Take - copies current line
Write - writes single screen using BSAVE format

Command Summary: Alt- combinations
- BUFFERS= Create
- DATE Batch Files
- IF With lots of FLASH!

- TIME and little CA$H.

OEDLIN is a copyrighted by OED, but may be freely distributed provided no fee
other than a minor charge for copying is charged. If you use this program in a
business or government setting you must send $15 to Ed Kidera, OEDWARE for each
copy in use. Failure to do so is in violation of copyright laws and is illegal.
Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Edward H. Kidera IV
P.O. Box 595
Columbia, MD 21045-0595

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