Category : Word Processors
Archive   : NYWORD23.ZIP
Filename : WPDEFAUL

Output of file : WPDEFAUL contained in archive : NYWORD23.ZIP

hy 1 want hyphenation (value below determines manual or automatic)
ah 1 automatic hyphenation wanted (Knuth's algorithm)
hz 2 hot zone (minimum # of chars to the left of a hyphen)
ss 1 scroll_speed for the <+SCROLL> and <-SCROLL> commands
gr 1 see graphics characters on the screen
hs 40 # of columns for horizontal scroll
tb 222 tab_filler (this is a non-ascii value - for blank, put 32 here)
in 0 insert mode on (if 0, overstrike mode is default)
ar 0 auto_reform
ru 0 ruler as status line
bp 1 base page number
pi 5 column to start paragraph after para_indent
sv 1000 # of keystrokes to do save
ab 1 automatic backup of file (create a periodic .BAK2 file)
bk 1 create a .BAK file when you save your file
bl 0 sound the bell when you are prompted
fg 7 foreground color for the PC (7 is white)
bg 0 background color for the PC (0 is black)
mf 7 menu foreground color
mb 0 menu background color
ks 0 automatic save of keystrokes
tx 80 allocation per block of text (don't mess with this!!!)
pu 1 prompt user after command
er 1 wait for keypress on error
ta 8 tab increment
fs 1 cursor can go into free space
ts 0 two spaces after punctuation when reformatting
ns 0 don't wait for horizontal retrace
tr 128=225

The above table is used for the default values for the options menu.
If you change any entry, it should be done to the numeric value only.
The order of these parameters must not be changed, and no entry can
be deleted from the table. For a YES/NO parameter, use a '1' for YES
and '0' for NO. No value can be over 255. There can be no leading
blank lines in this file. Anything to the right of the number is a comment.
The numbers MUST start in column 1.