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Output of file : SKELETON.PRT contained in archive : NYWORD23.ZIP

is printer initialization string
es printer exit string
bs boldfacing start
be boldfacing end
ds doublestrike start
de doublestrike end
ss subscripting start
se subscripting end
Ss superscripting start
Se superscripting end
us underlining start
ue underlining end
ps proportional spacing on
pe proportional spacing off
cP pica char spacing (10 cpi)
cE elite char spacing (12 cpi)
cC condensed char spacing (> 12 cpi)
L6 6 lines per inch
L8 8 lines per inch
Fa font a
Fb font b
Fc font c

Important - there must be at least one blank line after the code segment.
Comments follow afterwords.

1) If your printer does not have a code corresponding to any of the
above actions, please delete that line
2) In addition to regular characters in the control string, you can have :
\E escape character (decimal 27)
\xxx where xxx are 3 decimal digits - this will send the decimal
code to the printer
\\ a backslash will get sent to the printer
^A control A (decimal 1)
^B-^Z decimal 2 to 26
^@, ^[, ^\, ^], ^^, ^_ decimal 0, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

For example, the control string \E1G^F\237 would send to the printer
decimal 27, decimal 49 ('1'), decimal 71 ('G'), decimal 6, and decimal 237

3) You can have fonts Fa thru Fz. This is particularly good for the HP

4) Fonts A-K are for the line-drawing characters - see user's manual