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NY Word Ver. 2.3 - Word Processor.
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NY Word Ver. 2.3 – Word Processor.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Nov 10, 1988


This diskette contains version 2.3 of the New York Word word
processor (referred to as NYWord). This is a powerful word processor
which contains features which aren't even found in this highest priced
word processors. Some of its features are multi-window editing,
automatic hyphenation, column cut and paste, two math calculators,
index and table of contents generators, footnotes, multi-line headers
and footers, regular expression searching, and more.

|* -----------------------------------------------------------------*|
|* If you have files which are saved in New York Word's internal *|
|* format (prior to version 2.2), then you must use the old version *|
|* of NYWord to edit these files and save each one of them in ASCII.*|
|* Then you can use this version of NYWord to edit these files again*|

If you have a hard disk drive, you can install the word processor
by putting the NYWord distribution disk in drive A and typing
A:INSTALL. If you have a two floppy system, use the file
FINSTALL.BAT. The INSTALL batch file contains instructions to create
several subdirectories and to dearchive the NYWord files. Among the
subdirectories it creates are \NYW and \NYW\HELP. The word processor
will first look in the \NYW\HELP subdirectory when you press the

A new feature in version 2.2 was a pulldown menu system. This
feature is helpful to ease the learning curve for NYWord. The menu is
activated by pressing the ALT M key. You can then move along the
menu bar by using the arrow keys. Press the ENTER key to select a
command and press ESC to get out of the menu.

The word processor is released under the Shareware concept. If you
like the program and find it of value, then you are asked to send in a
registration fee of $45.00. Registration entitles you to several
benefits, above all which is the user's manual. The money from
registration enables me to further develop NYW, and defray the cost of
postage, disks, and phone bills.

The NYWord manual for the IBM PC (and compatibles) is over 100
pages long. The manual is available to all registered users.
Registration not only gets you the printed manual, but other utilities
for NYWord, including the mail merge program, a multi-column utility,
spelling checker, and various other sundries. Registered users also
have the opportunity to drive me crazy on the phone. If you decide to
register, PLEASE make checks payable to Marc Adler, NOT to Magma

NYWord has been doing very well since being distributed by PC-SIG
and PC-BLUE. Actually, the response has been quite overwhelming. For
some strange reason, many lawyers have become registered users, and
NYWord seems to be very popular in the legal profession. PC Magazine
had some nice things to say about NYWord in Bill Machrone's editor's
column (March 10, 1987 Issue, Pg 61). NYWord also received a nice
mention from BYTE magazine in their October 1986 issue on PD
software, and from various other publications. It seems that a lot of
users have been switching to New York Word from their old word
processors. Ease of use and power has been cited as the major reasons.

The PC verion of this program has been placed in circulation under
the "user-supported software" concept. Non-profit clubs and in-
dividuals are encouraged to make copies of this software and dis-
tribute it to their members and friends so long as no charge is made
for the software and documentation. However, a distibution charge of
no more than $10 may be charged for the cost of the diskettes.

Under the user-supported concept, you are given a complete, work-
ing product for no charge. If you find yourself using this program, a
contribution of $45.00 (plus $3 shipping US, $10 overseas) is
suggested. The money will cover the cost of bug fixes, future
developments, postage, telephone bills, etc.

If you are not a registered user, please read the section below
regarding technical assistance.

Source code is available to qualified OEMs and VARs. The entire
code is written in the 'C' programming language (Microsoft C, 4.0),
with the PC version containing a few assembly language routines.
Please contact me for availablility of the code.

Enjoy the package!!!

Marc Adler
Magma Software Systems
15 Bodwell Terrace
Millburn, NJ 07041


Marc Adler and Magma Systems will in no event be liable for any
damages, including lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental or
consequential damages arising out of the use or of the inability to
use this program.



Magma Systems grants any shareware distributor a non-exclusive, revok-
able right to distribute the shareware version of New York Word program
provided that they adhere to the following rules :

1) No fee is charged for New York Word, except for a minimal copying fee
which must be less than $10.00 US.

2) The New York Word disk must be distributed in unmodified form.

3) New York Word cannot be distributed as part of any other package.

If you desire a shareware copy of New York Word or New York Edit, you
must send us a copy of your current catalog, a self addressed stamped disk
mailer, and two blank formatted floppies.



Registration entitles you to technical assistance. If you are not a
registered user, you are entitled to one technical assistance session. You
*must* send a self-addressed stamped envelope if you desire a reply. You
can ask questions of the form "Can New York Word do this?". You should
leave room after each question for a reply. If you decide to call us after
office hours, you must call back. We will call you collect if you specify.

As you can see, the above policy is a little strict, but this has been
put in place so that our registered users do not have to compete with the
non-registered users for assistance.



Q. The manual on disk is cut off after chapter 7. Do I have a bad disk?
A. No you don't. The reason why we distribute an abbreviated manual is so
that our program can fit on one disk and therefore save our shareware
distributors some time and effort. It is also make the package a little
less voluminous to download via modem.

Q. I can't get any special effects to print out.
A. You probably do not have a printer configured correctly. Please read the
file PRINTER.DOC on the distribution disk.

Q. I modifies the WPDEFAUL, WPFORMAT, and/or WPPRMENU files and now
everything is screwy.
A. When you modify these files, they must be saved in ASCII!!!

Q. How much data can you edit?
A. New York Word uses no virtual memory scheme - everything is kept in
memory. We have put virtual memory and EMS support into our other product,
the New York Edit text editor. Since NYWord and NYEdit are related, we will
be putting virtual memory into NYWord one of these days. The amount of data
you can edit actually depends on how much memory you have in your system
and how much memory your resident programs (ie - DOS, Sidekick, etc) take

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