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Remove 'press any key' from beginning of Norton Editor.
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Remove ‘press any key’ from beginning of Norton Editor.
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David Vukovic
July 14, 1987
Houston, Texas

This script will remove the request to "Press any key to begin."
when the Norto Editor is started.

This debug script will remove the added stop by writing a series
of NOP's where the normal subroutine request for a keystroke is
done in the code.

The following script could be keyed in by hand or put into a file
and a redirection of the script into debug will exchange the
subroutine request with the NOP's.

To put the patch with file redirection, key the following lines
into a file NE.SCR. The comments at the right need not be
keyed into the script file.

A 015D ;Assemble new code here
NO ;Enter a No Operation code
NO ;Enter a No Operation code
NO ;Enter a No Operation code
;This blank line is needed
;Write the file back to disk
;Quit script file.
;One extra blank on bottom.
;End of file NE.SCR is here.

Before appling the patch make a backup copy of NE.COM.

To apply the patch type at the DOS prompt,


Now when the program is started, the Loggin screen will just
flash past and you will be at the top of the document.

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