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Nano Edit 1.2 is a down and dirty text editor.
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Nano Edit 1.2 is a down and dirty text editor.
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Contents of the NANOEDIT.DOC file

NanoEdit is designed to be a very small text (ASCII) file editor. It is not
fancy, but it works very well for small, quick editing jobs like batch files,
AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files. It does no file formatting, and reads and
writes only pure ASCII files.

It grew out of a need for a simple editor that my company could send to their
software customers to help our telephone tech support staff. We needed
something with basic editing functions that would not take up much room on our
utilities disc.

If you find it useful, I would appreciate a $25 (or any amount) donation. If
your company would like to arrange a license for use similar to what my company
is doing, please write. I am very willing to negotiate a site or distribution

Christo Pasa Doxa Software
550 Prestonwood Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Version 1.2 - June, 1991

Distributed by Public (software) Library.
For a catalog of more than 3000 disks of pd/shareware, call 1-800-2424-PSL
or write Public (software) Library, P.O.Box 35705, Houston, TX 77235-5705.

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