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Move line(s) between ASCII files.
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Move line(s) between ASCII files.
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Contents of the MV_LINE.DOC file

Here is a utility I think you all have a use for.



Moves lines from one ascii text file to another. If you type "MV_LINE",
you will get some limited on-line help.

Basically, you enter a command line like this:

mv_line source destination key

any lines in file "source" that begin with "key" will be appended to the
end of "destination".

file "source" MUST already exist. (If not you will get an error and the pro-
gram will abort.)

file "destination" MAY exist. (If not, it will be created.)


1.) Lines CANNOT be longer than 127 bytes. [Sorry].

2.) "key" CANNOT contain spaces [Sorry again.]

3.) a file named "MV_LINE.$$$" will be created, destroying
any file you may have with that name, [unlikely].

4.) the comparision of "key" to lines withing "source" file is
NOT case sensitive. (lower case matches uppercase.)

If you have any suggestions please leave them for me on the POLARIS BBS.

Rich Newman.

Additional Notes by Jim Holloway Diamond Bar IBM BBS
(714 861-1549)

All of you PCBOARD SYSOPS will find this program a VERY useful
utility for moving file descriptions from your RECENT UPLOAD dir
to their proper dir's.

Suppose you have a file in the UPLOAD dir called ex: QMDM113.ARC

UPLOAD Directory #10

File Name Size Date Description

QMDM113.arc 152320 12-25-85 Qmodem ver 1.13

and you want to move this line of TEXT from DIR10 to DIR2(if that is
where your Communication Listings are).

enter the following command.


This will move all lines of TEXT that start with QMDM113 from DIR10 to
DIR2. It will be DELETED from DIR10 and will be moved into DIR2.
You can also use shorter names and it will MATCH all lines that start
with whatever combination you specify.

I use this and it cuts down the the time for keeping the UPLOAD Dir
clean to practically NIL....

******* I M P O R T A N T ***********

Put this file in the sub dir that contains your DIR listings ex:


and run this program from this sub dir( C or D:\PCB\GEN )

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