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Get control over manuscript circulation pt3 of 3.
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Get control over manuscript circulation pt3 of 3.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
1.BAT 56 52 deflated
ACCEPT.LET 2048 894 deflated
C 2176 799 deflated
CONFIG.SYS 128 15 deflated
COUNT.BAT 896 355 deflated
COVER.LET 2048 889 deflated
D3 1178 670 deflated
D6 1006 580 deflated
D7 504 276 deflated
D8 107 91 deflated
D9 270 178 deflated
DIVIDE.BAT 1280 558 deflated
E 7068 2255 deflated
FILES636.TXT 2021 954 deflated
FIND.EXE 5888 880 deflated
G 1342 690 deflated
I 2232 1086 deflated
MERGEP 1024 532 deflated
MUSES.DOC 83328 26947 deflated
P 8788 3535 deflated
PARA.MUS 410 254 deflated
PUBCY.LET 1664 724 deflated
QUERY1.LET 2304 1008 deflated
QUERY3.LET 2560 1100 deflated
QUICK.MUS 5120 2004 deflated
R 822 486 deflated
ROUTE.$$$ 7 7 stored
SNIDE.LET 1664 780 deflated
SORT.EXE 1408 595 deflated
TALLIES 103 69 deflated
UPREPORT.BAT 256 144 deflated

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Contents of the FILES636.TXT file

Disk No #636
Program Title: MUSES version 1.5 (Disk 2 of 2)
PC-SIG version 1.5

MUSE is a program for authors and their agents to organize the circulation of
manuscripts publishers. It is a very specialized data base which helps keep
track of publishers' responses as well as current mailings. MUSES tracks
correspondence with publishers and gives reminders when it's time to follow
up on a submission. It also mail merges the address in the files with
appropriate form letters.

MUSES can print manuscripts with several kinds of headers and footers, and
footnotes. It requires ASCII text. MUSES also keeps a separate bibliography
of published work.

Usage: Manuscript tracking

System Requirements: 256K, two floppies or one floppy and a hard disk.

How to Start: Refer to the MUSES.DOC for instructions

Suggested Rigistration: $15.00

File Descriptions:

ACCEPT LET A form letter.
COVER LET A form letter.
MERGEP Explains merging with Wordstar documents.
MUSE3 EXE The print program.
MUSE4 EXE The set up program.
MUSES DOC The 30+ page manual.
PUBCY LET A form letter.
QUERY1 LET A form letter.
QUERY3 LET A form letter.
QUICK MUS How to start MUSES without reading the manual.
README Basic info from the author.
SNIDE LET A form letter.
C Data Files.
COUNT BAT Lists how many publishers have accepted, rejected, etc.
D3 Data Files.
D6 Data Files.
D7 Data Files.
D8 Data Files.
D9 Data Files.
E Data Files.
G Data Files.
I Data Files.
P Data Files.
PARA MUS Set up information file.
R Data Files.
TALLIES Publication/Circulation statistics.
UPREPORT BAT Adds a new daily report to the monthly report.
DIVIDE BAT Creates a third disk required by MUSES.

1030D E Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale Ca. 94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1987 PC-SIG Inc.

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