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Text file filter - remove control characters, EOF marks, high order bits, etc.
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Text file filter – remove control characters, EOF marks, high order bits, etc.
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Contents of the MRFILTER.DOC file

Written by J. Gillespie
(c)1990,91 Blue-Moon Consulting
1209 Diablo Avenue
Modesto, CA 95351
License fee: $12

The MrFILTER program uses these files:
MrFILTER.EXE The program itself
MrFILTER.DOC This documentation

The MrFILTER program is NOT free. It is not public domain. MrFILTER is
copyright 1991 by J. Gillespie, Blue-Moon Consulting. You may distribute
MrFILTER to bulletin boards or by other means, but you may not charge for
it, and you must keep it bundled. You may not modify any files from this

Try MrFILTER and see how you like it. If MrFILTER meets your needs, please
send the license fee of $12 to J. Gillespie, Blue-Moon Consulting. If you
do not like it, please erase your copy or pass it on to a friend!

MrFILTER is designed to be used on any IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/1, PS/2 or
compatible computer with any conventional memory size and any monitor.

The MrFILTER program is an easy to use text file cleaning/sweeping utility. The
need for a utility of this type became apparent after spending large amounts
of time fixing text files for other people.

The typical problems encountered...

- " printer isn't working properly..."
- "...printer runs off edge of paper..."
- "...I know my file is 30 pages long - but only the first 2 pages print..."
- "...poltergeist changes printer fonts midway into document..."
- "...why do I see so much of the greek alphabet?..."
- etc

My usual response was to instruct complainers to grab the nearest copy of
Norton Utilities or PC-Tools, jump into the sector editor and FIX-IT! Usually
at this point I'd see looks of despair (or symbolic gestures). As I discovered
- casual users quite frequently don't have the skill required to do their own
'data patches'. Alas! -- MrFILTER was born.

So, now instead of spending 10-30 minutes of my time searching for false
end-of-file markers and strange control characters with my trusty hex
editor, I merely instruct users to run it thru the 'FILTER' and try again.
No fuss - No muss!

MrFILTER has a set of options which will configure it to a specific problem.
Fortunately, in most cases the default settings work fine. Once you enter the
entire command string, MrFILTER reads the source file, screens each byte,
and writes accepted data to an output file. The original file is not altered
in any way. Incompatible options will not execute.

MrFILTER [output file]

-d = Use default settings. (-cew).
Default is best first choice.
-c = Control-chars removed except LF, CR, TAB, FF.
Also removes DEL character.
-h = Extended ASCII chars set removed.
-e = False End-Of-File markers removed.
-s = Strips high-bit. Prints result as 0d-127d.
-w = Wrap long lines greater than 80 columns.
-f = Fills removed characters with SPACE.
-r = Report only. No output file created.

Example: MrFILTER -d junkfile.txt newfile.txt
MrFILTER -chf junkfile.txt newfile.txt
MrFILTER -r junkfile.txt

Comments, questions, etc may be forwarded via...

CIS : 72740,2464

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