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Mail Merger
v1.0 1989
Stephen Balbach


Mail Merger is a simple utility to handle multiple
file concatenation. In this way a complete file can be put
together from many multiple source files.

Mail Merger works by inserting a command line in the source
text where you wish to insert a complete file. A file can be
inserted in the beggining, middle or end of another file. The
syntax is:


where file.ext is the file to insert. This works in a similair
manner as WordStar's dot commands, though it need not be at the
beggining of a line.

Three files contain these lines-

file1.ext: "This is file 1"
file2.ext: "This is file 2"
file3.ext: "This is file 3"

and the primary file whose name is entered on the command line-

primary.ext: "This is the primary file"

will output a file called which looks like-

This is the primary file
This is file 1
This is file 2
This is file 3


Mail Merger will also read files in depth, meaning files other
than the primary file processed on the command line may contain
include (%%) statements. Thus, in the previous example if
file2.ext contained "%%file3.ext" rather than "This is file 2"
the output would be:

This is the primary file
This is file 1
This is file 3
This is file 3

Mail Merge will recognize include statements up to 2 files
deep in the Shareware version and 4 files deep in the registerd

To run Mail Merger type merge and the name of the primary file.
The primary file starts the thread of file inclusions. It is
perfectly fine to make the primary file nothing other than
include statements, whose names will be substituted with the
actuall text. The output file will be the same name as the
primary file, but with the extension .mm, a Mail Merger file.

Mail Merger has been tested with ASCII files, but I see no
reason it will not work with other non-binary formats.

I see Mail Merger as meeting a nich, halfway between the DOS
copy command and full blown word processors. If you find Mail
Merger of use to you in creating documents, please, support my
efforts. If you use Mail Merger in a way that directly or
indirectly results in a profit to you or a group or buisness you
MUST register Mail Merger TODAY. Don't wait for further releases
before you register because they depend only on the number of
registrations I recieve. In return you will recieve a typed
reciept, Mail Merger registerd version on 5/14" floppy, and a few
other programs I have wrote. Next upgrade free.

Send check or money order for $12 to:

Stephen Balbach
11307 Tooks Way
Columbia, MD 21044

I may also be reached at SMCIS
This offer void after 4/1/91.