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Excellent BBS file/keyword Search Program.
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Excellent BBS file/keyword Search Program.
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Contents of the MLS.DOC file

"MLS" Multi-Library Searcher Ver 1.30
Copyright (c) 1990
Wes Wilcox
Midnight Software

Documents written by Mike Hatala

For personal use only . May not be sold .

A 'Enhanced Version' of MLS is available . It allows redirection ,
file tagging , and includes other utilities to help maintain your BBS
file listings . For a 'support gift' of $10 or more you will be sent
the 'Enhanced Version' and accompanying utilities .
Wes Wilcox
P.O. Box 125
Tarpon Springs, Fl.


MLS is a FAST SEARCH UTILITY designed to search Multi-BBS file lists.

Most bulletin boards have a file you may download which contains a list
of ALL files on that BBS. Normally this is a text file you can view
with your favorite file view/list program, but you exit one BBS file to
view another, and finding a desired file can be a very lengthy process
especially when you have many BBS FILE LISTINGS .

With MLS you can quickly search "ALL" of your BBS lists by simply
entering one or two KEYWORDS. As an example, if you would like to find
a hard drive backup utility, you could enter MLS BACKUP and all file
names or descriptions containing the KEYWORD will be displayed .

NOTE : The search conducted by MLS is NOT CASE SENSITIVE . It will
display all lines containing the KEYWORD(s) without regard to

You may abort a search in progress at any time by pressing any key .
You will then be prompted for conformation of 'quitting', allowing
the search to continue or viewing the BBS currently being searched.


MLS.EXE The program executable file
CFG.EXE Color and path configuration (Must be run first)
MLS.DAT Example BBS library files (Edit for your use)
MLS.DOC You guessed it .


1. Copy MLS.DAT to the directory where you keep BBS file listings .

2. Edit MLS.DAT to include the names of the files to be searched .
You may use any ASCII text editor or word processor .

3. Run CFG.EXE and set the PATH to where MLS.DAT may be found . ie
C:\LIBS . At this time also choose the display colors you wish to
use .{ Color systems only } CFG is menu driven and easy to use .

NOTE: To run CFG it MUST be in the same directory as MLS.EXE and
MLS CANNOT be renamed until after it has be configured .

4. Once MLS has been configured it will serve to best advantage if it
is put into a directory in the DOS PATH . This will allow access
to all files listed in MLS.DAT at any time as well as provide a
fast search method for any ASCII text file .


MLS with no parameters
Will prompt for two KEYWORDS to be used for the search . If you
elect to use just one KEYWORD simply hit Enter at the second
prompt . All files listed in MLS.DAT will be searched .

Will display a menu of the files listed in MLS.DAT . You may then
select specific files to be searched by tagging them with the
spacebar. NOTE : This version of MLS is limited to 20 files via
the MENU .

Will search all files listed in MLS.DAT for the KEYWORD EGA .

MLS KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 {KEYWORDS must be separated by a space}
Same as with one KEYWORD but will only display lines containing

Filenames listed in MLS.DAT may reside in DRIVE :\DIRECTORIES
other than the one MLS.DAT is in. Just be sure to use the
FULL PATHNAME, that is the DRIVE, DIRECTORY, and D:\FILES\MYFILES.DOC , for any files listed
that are not in the same directory as MLS.DAT.
**** See sample MLS.DAT ****

If you have any questions or comments about MLS address them to
Wes Wilcox via one of the following.

1) TeleComp Systems PC Board 2) P.O. Box 125
Holiday, Fl. Tarpon Springs, Fl.
(813) 942-1747 34688
Free Access 24hrs
Current MLS version may be
downloaded on first call
by entering Door 11

3) GEnie Mail 4) Via RelayNet
W. Wilcox1 Shareware Conference

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