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MindReader Word Processor Ver 2.01. This word processor tries to complete a word as you type it. This can speed typing greatly.
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MindReader Word Processor Ver 2.01. This word processor tries to complete a word as you type it. This can speed typing greatly.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LETTER.DOC 1152 641 deflated
MANUAL.MR 50304 14893 deflated
MC.EXE 13762 9755 deflated
ME.EXE 48810 33088 deflated
MR.BSE 5376 864 deflated
MR.CFG 768 301 deflated
MR.DIC 26880 9604 deflated
MR.ECT 15354 3295 deflated
MR.EXE 74752 48054 deflated
MR.GLS 2688 1081 deflated
MR.MSG 69109 40368 deflated
README.DOC 2709 1132 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

MindReader Version 2.00
Copyright (C) Brown Bag Software 1987 - 1988, All Rights Reserved
March 24, 1988


MR.EXE MindReader main program V 2.00
ME.EXE MindReader AddressBook editor V 2.00

MR.CFG Configuration file (Colors, macros etc.)
MR.DIC Dictionary file
MR.ECT Shareware screen file
MR.MSG Message file
MR.GLS Glosarry file
MR.BSE Main AddressBook file (Loaded as default)

MC.EXE Converts your old MindReader version 1.XX dictionary
to a MindReader version 2.XX dictionary.

MANUAL.MR Brief documentation on disk. You may print the Manual
using the first Menu after starting MindReader.

LETTER.DOC Sample letter
README.DOC This file


If you are using a hard disk system, create a subdirectory on your
disk, e.g. C:\MR. Then copy all the files on this diskette into that
subdirectory using the command:

COPY A:\*.* C:\MR

OR If you are using a diskette system, put a empty diskette in drive B: and
copy all the files on this diskette onto that diskette using the command:

COPY A:\*.* B:\*.*

Log on to the newly created subdirectory/diskette and start up
MindReader using the command:


The file MANUAL.MR will give you a more detailed description on how to
install MindReader on your system.
Note: You do not need to use DOS to COPY the Manual to your printer. The
first menu you will see after starting MindReader will give you the option
of printing the Manual.


The Right Margin marker is indicated by an "R" in the bottom border of
the main edit window. You can find its column number by calling up the
Ruler Setup with Alt+F7.

The Right Margin column number represents the end of a line RELATIVE TO
the Left Margin. It is not the number of columns from the left edge of
the page. For example, if the Right Margin is set on Column 70, then
when the document is printed, there will be 70 columns of text per line.
Of course, this means if you set a Left Margin (in Printing Parameters)
of 10, then your document will PRINT between columns 10 and 80.

Just remember that MindReader's Right Margin is actually giving you the
Column Width of your document.

Have Fun!.

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