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Multiedit 3.00b-probably the best full bore editor.
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Multiedit 3.00b-probably the best full bore editor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
C.MAC 2292 1307 deflated
DEMO.MAC 30752 11897 deflated
DIRSHELL.MAC 3600 1905 deflated
DOCUMENT.MAC 11577 5735 deflated
EXIT.MAC 2244 1316 deflated
INIT.MAC 4084 1927 deflated
KEYCODE.MAC 1759 950 deflated
KEYMAP.ME 4680 1808 deflated
LANGUAGE.MAC 3568 1928 deflated
ME.EXE 124263 58181 deflated
ME.HLP 42041 14242 deflated
MEC.BAT 209 139 deflated
MEERROR.MAC 1438 868 deflated
MEMAC.EXE 38352 18924 deflated
MESYS.MAC 8051 4070 deflated
MEUTIL1.MAC 2556 1501 deflated
MEUTIL2.MAC 3561 1924 deflated
MEUTIL3.MAC 7793 4211 deflated
MULTI_ED.MAC 1431 864 deflated
PASCAL.MAC 2547 1356 deflated
PRINTERS.ME 2798 659 deflated
README.DOC 1701 908 deflated
SETUP.MAC 25417 11128 deflated
SUPPORT.MAC 10272 5184 deflated
WINDOW.MAC 3640 1916 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

***************** Multi-Edit Version 3.0 Demo Package ******************

To run the Multi-Edit Demo, just type 'ME' and press ENTER.

The Multi-Edit demonstration program is a actually a fully functional
version of the product. There are no limitations placed on you; you may
load, edit and save files of unlimited size! The only real difference
from the full product, besides the lack of a reference manual, is the
series of screens that come up at the start of the demo. These screens
cannot be bypassed.

The full Multi-Edit package comes complete with a User's Guide and a
Macro Language Reference Manual. The Macro Language Reference Manual is
a MUST for writing your own macros and customizing Multi-Edit.
Purchasing the full package also entitles you to full technical support,
a free first update, and access to the American Cybernetics Bulletin
Board System.

Multi-Edit may be ordered directly from American Cybernetics for just
$99. Shipping costs, within the United States, are included. Visa and
Mastercard are accepted.

To Order, Call 1-800-221-9280 Ext. 951 or 1-602-968-1945

Or Write To: American Cybernetics
1228 N. Stadem Dr.
Tempe, Az 85281

NOTE: You may freely distribute this demo in unmodified form. This
includes uploading to other BBS systems.

For DOS versions below 3.0:

A.Do NOT attempt to turn the Mouse setting ON unless you
have a mouse driver running.

B.You MUST have an environment variable called 'ME_PATH'
set. The following command would set up the ME_PATH
environment variable so that Multi-Edit can find its
files in the directory C:\ME


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